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Crossword Answers: Peace-talks-goal
PACTPeace talks goal
DETENTEPeace talks goal
NEUTRALCOUNTRYPeace-talks locale, often
WYERecent peace-talks site
TREATYPeace-talks objective
GENEVAPeace talks city
THAWOpening for peace talks
OSLOMideast peace talks site
PLOGrp. in peace talks
GEORGEMITCHELLBig name in Irish peace talks
CAMPUS President's mountain retreat where Carter held peace talks with Sadat and Begin, ... David
TRUCECessation of hostilities to allow peace talks (5)
RAMSTeam whose White House visit was sacked by peace talks
AMIShlomo Ben-___, chief Israeli negotiator in Palestine peace talks
EMISSARYPeace talk participant
FRANCMoney talks with candour (5)
CONIFERSTrees one talks about (8)
DOLLARMoney which talks of grief (6)
RABBITSTalks for timid people (7)
TOKLASStein's companion talks wildly about nothing (6)
BAHAMAS... one of whom talks about meat in coral islands (7)
ADJOURNMENTPutting off a popular music presenter with our northern pieces and starting talks (11)
ORATARIOOne who talks one round to composing musical drama (8)
SHUTTERSThey'll close talks after a request for silence (8)
CHATSWORTHHOUSETalks with couturier before audience at stately home (10,5)
MEDITATEDHolding first of talks, was go-between considered? (9)
CHATSHOWProgramme in which host talks informally to guests (4,4)

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