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Crossword Answers: Peace-talks-goal
DETENTEPeace talks goal
PACTPeace talks goal
GEORGEMITCHELLBig name in Irish peace talks
PLOGrp. in peace talks
OSLOMideast peace talks site
THAWOpening for peace talks
GENEVAPeace talks city
TREATYPeace-talks objective
WYERecent peace-talks site
AMIShlomo Ben-___, chief Israeli negotiator in Palestine peace talks
RAMSTeam whose White House visit was sacked by peace talks
NEUTRALCOUNTRYPeace-talks locale, often
ADAGE"Money talks," e.g.
TRUISM"Money talks," e.g.
LOUDON"Garbo Talks" actress Dorothy
DEJUG"Licker talks... loud we'en... loose fum ___": Harris
IMS"Talks" on the computer, for short
MELISSAMANCHESTER"You Should Hear How She Talks About You" singer
GARBO"___ Talks" (1984 movie)
BORE'A person who talks when you wish him to listen': Ambrose Bierce
EFHUTTON'When ___ talks, people listen'
SALTAcronym fo U.S.-U.S.S.R talks
GPSAuto gizmo that talks, for short
RASPSBarely talks
SHEBlack Crowes hit "___ Talks to Angels"
YODACharacter "like this who talks"
IMUS"My goal is to goad people into saying something that ruins their life" speaker
DONIMUS"My goal is to goad people into saying something that ruins their life" speaker
ONELECTIONDAY"Bush's approval rating is up to 42% and he says his goal is to get it up to 49% -- like it was ___.
MIAHAMM"Go for the Goal" author
ABOUT"It's gonna be ___ a forty-yard field goal from there..." (football announcer's line)
RELIEF"We Are the World" goal
SLAPSAROUND'Smiler's goal?
HULLS600+ goal scorers Bobby and Brett
ELAM63-yard field goal kicker Jason
ELBEA 1945 goal of the Allies
EGALITEA goal of the French Revolution
PHDAcad. goal
MADEITAccomplished the goal
AMAZEAchieve a magician's goal

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