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Crossword Answers: Peace-talks-goal
DETENTEPeace talks goal
PACTPeace talks goal
NEUTRALCOUNTRYPeace-talks locale, often
RAMSTeam whose White House visit was sacked by peace talks
AMIShlomo Ben-___, chief Israeli negotiator in Palestine peace talks
WYERecent peace-talks site
TREATYPeace-talks objective
GENEVAPeace talks city
THAWOpening for peace talks
OSLOMideast peace talks site
PLOGrp. in peace talks
GEORGEMITCHELLBig name in Irish peace talks
EMISSARYPeace talk participant
ONANDONANDONHow a motormouth talks ... or what 20-, 29- and 43-Across literally have in common
LECTURINGGiving specialist talks (9)
NEON"Everybody Talks" band ___ Trees
CUSSESTalks a blue streak?
LITTERBUGOne who more than just trash-talks?
XESOne side in some chalk talks
PEACEKEEPINGMISSFailure in treaty talks?
PALTERSTalks without sincerity
DRAWLSUNDERAROCKTalks Texas-style while trapped by some rubble?
LAKETalk's Ricki
VAMPPlay a repeating pattern while the singer talks, e.g.
SNAPSATTalks angrily to
ELMOMuppet who talks in third person
SEZTalks in slang?
REOPENStart again, as talks
OPRAHTalk's Winfrey

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