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Crossword Answers: Paying-to-play-stud
ANTEINGPaying to play stud
RENTINGPaying to stay at
STOOGEGoes to play pawn (6)
BESTFinest ever to play for N. Ireland? (4)
HUMHow to play the kazoo
NETItem that's needed to play volleyball
METSTeam that used to play at Shea Stadium
DEACONCleric and professor have ace to play
POLTROONAfter beginning to play round, left golf course an utter coward (8)
VIOLINS"Walk my way; And a thousand ... begin to play; Or it might be the sound of your hello; That music I
ACTUPAccount put back. What a way to play the fool (3,2)
ITOOKMYGracie Fields sang, "... harp to a party but nobody asked me to play" (1,4,2)
KITEBird of prey for a child to play with? (4)
SANDPITPreschool area to play in and get covered in spit (7)
BARBARAActress who recently returned to play Peggy Mitchell for a single episode of EastEnders (7,7)
INSIDESelected to play, but not on the wing? (6)
SWITCHESOFFStops paying attention with hairpieces removed (8,3)
RUNNINGATABDrinking now, paying later
BUYERHe has a paying job in store (5)
SAVINGSBANKInterest-paying institution
SUBJECTSMatters under discussion for those paying allegiance (8)
TIPPINGPaying for the service of rubbish dumping (7)
SETTLEMENTIt involves paying bill for subsidence (10)
AMATEURTEAMSportingly, this side doesn"t accept a paying proposition (7,4)
BOSSESHeads of studs
NUDISTSCamouflaged studs in birthday suits? (7)
STALLIONBig Tom follows last ensemble with a stud's stud (8)
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