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Crossword Answers: Paying-to-play-stud
ANTEINGPaying to play stud
RENTINGPaying to stay at
WIIMOTEDevice used to play Super Mario Galaxy
SAMWho was asked to play As Time Goes By again
PIANISTMusician who sits down to play his or her instrument (7)
CAPPEDChosen to play for your country at sport (6)
AMUSEMENT___ arcade, place to play on slot machines (9)
ROSTRUMStage for Roy Orbison's openers to play guitar (7)
ANTLERLearnt to play the horn (6)
ONSETStart to play notes (5)
SLAPWay to play a bass
BLANKTILEWhat you'd need to play 26-, 29-, 43- or 45-Across
ENEHow the Rangers fly to play the Red Sox
RACECARDControversial thing to play
EMO"I like to play chess with old men in the park. The tough part: finding 32 of them." comic Philips
CLOSETOTHECHESTCautious way to play cards, say
INATTENTIVENot paying heed
BRIBERYPaying of money in exchange for corrupt favours (7)
TENANTSRent-paying residents (7)
DROPPINGBYPaying a flying visit (8,2)
EARSAll ___ (paying attention)
HOMAGESomething a cover band might be paying
CLUBDues-paying group
OWNStop paying rent

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