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Crossword Answers: Paying-to-play-stud
ANTEINGPaying to play stud
RENTINGPaying to stay at
THEPIANIST"... and ask ___ to play your favorite song!"
ITHREEPUTTED"And to top it all off, after pitching out ___. And there were still 17 holes to play..."
ASET"Want to play ___?": tennis request
POLYGAMOUS(adj.) able to play multiple opponents at the same time (said of chess)
TRUDY... a girl who wants to play football for Notre Dame?
RENOA place to play keno
HOOKYA student may prefer to play it in nice weather
JAMESCAANActor originally slated to play Michael Corleone in "The Godfather"
SENDINAllow to play
RECAlt. to "play" or "stop"
SAFERFEARSFARES"60 Minutes" reporter dreads paying the cabby?
CHECKMATE"How are you paying for this, old bean?"
LISTEN"You're not paying attention!"
SSABenefit-paying org.
WATERTAXISBoats for paying passengers
AIDFinancial ___ (help in paying tuition)
SETTLEUPFinish paying for
LOOForfeit-paying game
PACGrp. paying for some election ads
PLUMHigh-paying easy job
DENIS$2000 Seven Card Stud High-Low 8/OB winner Ethier*
CYNDYVIOLETTE$2000 Seven Card Stud High-Low*
BENJAMINLIN$5,000 seven-card stud*
SORENSEN$5000 Seven Card Stud*
BOARD7-stud upcards*
DEADCARDAn unavailable out in seven stud*
LSATAspiring law stud.'s exam
PATRICKSWAYZEBig-haired stud
HOBNAILBoot stud

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