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Crossword Answers: Paying-to-play-stud
ANTEINGPaying to play stud
RENTINGPaying to stay at
TUNEFULMelodic lute, fun to play (7)
ASTROLABELike Rex, able to play ancient instrument (9)
STRUMStrange way to start to play strings (5)
SERVEWait to play first shot (5)
GREENSFEECost to play a round
STAGEGets a new place to play (5)
FACEPACKThe cream to play against Wolves (4,4)
ACTONEStart to play?
ACTHave a role to play
NULLARBORRemote area, rural, with no pinball to play (9,5)
TOYSObjects to play with opening this October, you say (4)
MISTRYJimi __, plays "s son Khalid in Corrie ___ and used to play Albert Square"s Dr Fred Fonseca (6)
RONDOOne of The Management has to play a piece of music (5)
ACTONContinue to play a part in part of London
SETTLEMENTIt involves paying bill for subsidence (10)
LOGOFFFinish paying a bill, perhaps
NOTEROne paying close attention
GATENumber of paying spectators
JOINACLUBStart paying dues
AMATEURTEAMSportingly, this side doesn"t accept a paying proposition (7,4)
LIEUTENANTArmy officer reported in America to be living in lavatory paying rent (10)
DAYDREAMERSThey're not paying attention
NUDISTSCamouflaged studs in birthday suits? (7)
SIRINGStud's work
STALLIONBig Tom follows last ensemble with a stud's stud (8)
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