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Crossword Answers: Paying-to-play-stud
ANTEINGPaying to play stud
RENTINGPaying to stay at
COUNTRYMUSICTuesday: Iggy serves up medley of national anthems when asked to play ...
TIEReason to play more
ANDREWSWanders around to find the right Julie to play Mary Poppins (7)
SCENESHIFTERSThey have moving parts to play in the theatre
ADLIBActor's instruction to play 'As You Like It'?
ANTLERSLearnt to play small horns (7)
AXLE__ Whitehead, actor who used to play Liam Murphy in Home and Away (4)
BYWATERHetti _ is the 4th actress to play Ian Beale's daughter Lucy (7)
AERIELooking back, Ireland has a place for The Eagles to play (5)
GOLFThe swingers like to play it back locally to get rid of it (4)
GAMESROOMPheasant in small kitchen gets to play ?duck, duck, goose ? there!? (5,4)
LINKBroadcaster performs it as golfer needs small adjustment to play it (4)
JOUSTSTakes your seat from under you where Sir goes on horseback to play knights (6)
DAYOFRECKONINGBill-paying time for Doris?
CHECKBOOK*Icon in bill-paying software
AMATEURTEAMSTheir play cannot be a paying proposition
UNDERPLAYINGBelow, paying novice inside? That's saying it wasn't as important as it really was! (12)
LASERBEAMMethod of paying at Spar for medical device (5,4)
TOPDOLLARIs this the last thing you put down in American shop when paying? That's a large price to pay! (3,6)
EROSEnergy is for paying taxes to amorous archer (4)
LASERIt's a way of paying for cutting light (5)
TRIVIAL(With 38 Across) Test subject #3 perceives G as blue, E as pink, H as yellow; maybe he likes to play
STALLIONBig Tom follows last ensemble with a stud's stud (8)
SIRINGStud's work
STALLIONSStud farm studs

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