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Crossword Answers: Parlay-a-bet
REWAGERParlay a bet
GAMBLEPlace a bet
RISKSPuts up as a bet
WAGEREDMade a bet (7)
PUNTEROne who places a bet (6)
TOTECarry for a bet (4)
ALPHAStart of a bet?
TAKEROne who accepts a bet
STAKINGPlacing as a bet
PLUNKPut (down), as a bet
LETRIDELeft on the table, as a bet
ANTEAmount preceding a bet
RAISEIncrease, as the size of a bet
IMINWords from one calling a bet
RAISEDUpped a bet
SCATTERSplash, as chips or a bet*
NOLOSERiskless, as a bet
UPPEDRaised, as a bet
POPRaise (a bet)*
STAKEDPut up as a bet
HEDGEProtect a bet
LABSLoses a bet soliciting tips from test sites (4)
ALPHABETICRalph loses his head before a bet, I see, and runs from A to Z (10)
EVENSWith equal stakes on both sides in a bet (5)
ODDSPot ___ (what you're getting on a bet)*
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