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Crossword Answers: Panicked,-in-a-way
FROZEUPPanicked, in a way
GUNAn army investigation has shown that soldiers panicked in the No ___ Ri massacre
WAVEATGreet from a ways away, say
AILSIs a ways from all right
MILESQuite a ways
FARA ways away
AFARA way's away
HIKE(A) ways
PARSONMinister panicked initially over crime (6)
IMLATEDawdler's panicked realization
PARANOIACNeurotic panicked on a CIA rap (9)
OHNOPanicked plaint
RUNFORITPanicked cry
TEMPLEOFDOOMSetting for the second Indiana Jones film
SOUTHBENDIVECurly-leafed veggie they eat in Indiana?
EDUFollower of indiana., ohio. or colorado.
BEWISE".... consider her ways, and ___": Proverbs
GUS"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" bus-hopper
XANAX"... each armed with a doublebladed ___ (to cut both ways, of course)..."

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