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Crossword Answers: Pained utterance
MOANPained utterance
CRI___ de coeur (pained utterance)
FROWNPained look
SCOWLPained look
MISSHAPEPained look
SNEERPained look
MOUTHPained look
DISTORTPained look
DEFORMPained look
SMIRKPained look
MUGPained look
CONTORTPained look
GRIMACEPained expression
WINCEPained expression
MOUEPained expression
OHSPained reactions
OUCHESPained reactions
YELPINGPained barking
YEOWSPained shrieks
GRIMACEDMade a pained face
GROANPained sound
GRIMACESPained looks
OHMANPained exclamation
YIPEPained cry
CROUCHGo down with credit and pained expression (6)
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