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Crossword Answers: Pained utterance
CRIDECOEURPained utterance
MOANPained utterance
CRI___ de coeur (pained utterance)
OUCHESPained reactions
OHSPained reactions
GROANSPained sighs
VOUCHTestify against pained remark (5)
GROANEDMade a pained sound
YOWSPained plaints
YELPSDog's pained cries
YELPINGPained barking
YEOWSPained shrieks
GRIMACEDMade a pained face
GROANPained sound
OWNUPAdmit pained expression greets rise of wordplay (3,2)
AVOWAcknowledge a victor with pained expression (4)
PRANGPained reaction about computeres last crash (5)
WOEISMEPained expression recalled: "I seem undone!" (3,2,2)
LOUCHEPained expression when taken in by French article that's disreputable (6)
TWOACTRequirement of diplomat keeping up pained comment on play(3-3)
AGONISEBack in time, Chinese feel pained (7)
OWNEDHad pained expression as end unfolded (5)
AYATOLLAHSay topless bikini, for example, gets pained expression from cleric (9)
PROWESSPained expression covered by reporters showing skill (7)
CROUCHGo down with credit and pained expression (6)
PURRSFeline utterances
AHEMSUtterances that attract attention
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