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Crossword Answers: Packets-of-Lipton
TEASQUARESPackets of Lipton?
BOUGHTANDSOWEDLike packets of plant seeds in stores?
LANDERSBAGELSBreakfast food (with LOX, perhaps) that's sold with packets of Tang?
REAMPacket of 500 sheets of paper
SACHETPacket of perfumed powder
MAYCAUSEDROWSINESSOn a packet of sleeping pills
AROUNDTwo pints of beer and a packet of crisps more or less (6)
INCREASEAt home credit packet of ecstasy say? Top that! (8)
CELLBritain has issued a packet of safety precautions for ___ phones
SWEETNLOWProduct in pink packets
SEEDStuff sold in paper packets
STOREDKept in packets to redistribute (6)
KITSPress packets
SUGARSSome restaurant packets
GAMBLESSOUPUses Knorr packets instead of poker chips?
MEDIAKITSPress release packets
SACHETSPowder packets
CUTTINGTHECARDSSeparating the deck into two packets, after the shuffle*
MRESoldier's food-in-a-packet [acronym]
FREEBIENapkin or sugar packet
SPLENDAYellow diner packet
COOKIEData packet
WRITELEGIBLYWhen she saw the instruction "___" in the welcome packet, Amelia couldn't believe it! She was sure t
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