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Crossword Answers: Out-of-action,-in-baseball-lingo
ONTHEDLOut of action, in baseball lingo
STEPPESounds like a course of action in Russia (6)
IDLEOut of action
LAIDUPOut of action
ONICEOut of action
ONLEAVETemporarily out of action? (2,5)
ILLOut of action, perhaps
HORS___ de combat (out of action)
DECOMTake out of action, for short
LAIDLOWPut out of action
IDLEDInjured and out of action
HEATFastball, in baseball lingo
SKIESHits a high fly, in baseball lingo
NAILEDThrew out on the basepaths, in baseball lingo
BIGSMajor leagues, in baseball lingo
GODEEPSmack a homer, in baseball lingo
SKIEDPopped up, in baseball lingo
FROZENROPEHard-hit line drive, in baseball lingo
GAMERWinning hit, in baseball lingo
PULLEDTHESTRINGThrew a change-up, in baseball lingo
HOTCORNERThird baseman's domain, in baseball lingo
TATERHome run, in baseball lingo
PUTONTHEDLSidelined by injury, in baseball lingo, and a hint to how this puzzle's theme puns are formed
DISREPUTABLEPut out of action restricting congressman from Utah - it's not trustworthy! (12)
PASSBase on balls, in baseball lingo
BATWEIGHT"Doughnut," in baseball lingo
GALVANISEStimulate to action in salvage process (9)
STANDTOPrepare for action, in military parlance
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