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Crossword Answers: Out-of-action,-in-baseball-lingo
ONTHEDLOut of action, in baseball lingo
ACTONOne out of action in west London
ENNUIDiscontent at lack of action in fifteen nuisance calls (5)
STEPPESounds like a course of action in Russia (6)
IDLEOut of action
LAIDUPOut of action
ONICEOut of action
HEARTBROKENMiserable to find organ out of action (11)
UNUSEDOut of action (6)
UNUSABLEOut of action (8)
ONLEAVETemporarily out of action? (2,5)
ILLOut of action, perhaps
HORS___ de combat (out of action)
DECOMTake out of action, for short
LAIDLOWPut out of action
IDLEDInjured and out of action
RIPHard swing, in baseball lingo
ONEAWAYSituation after the first out, in baseball lingo
WAITINGGAMEPostponement of action in order to gain advantage - Patience? (7,4)
WATERSHIPDOWNFilm about alien in naval vessel that's out of action (9,4)
DORMANTAfter no-ball bouncer Somerset tailender's out of action for a while (7)
CONGRATULATIONSSong and dance about Romeo with troubles (body part out of action) (15)
INDEEDIt's certainly not out of action
DISREPUTABLEPut out of action restricting congressman from Utah - it's not trustworthy! (12)
HEATFastball, in baseball lingo
SKIESHits a high fly, in baseball lingo
NAILEDThrew out on the basepaths, in baseball lingo
BIGSMajor leagues, in baseball lingo
GODEEPSmack a homer, in baseball lingo
SKIEDPopped up, in baseball lingo

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