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Crossword Answers: Out-of-action,-in-baseball-lingo
ONTHEDLOut of action, in baseball lingo
IDLEOut of action
ONICEOut of action
LAIDUPOut of action
IDLEDInjured and out of action
LAIDLOWPut out of action
BATWEIGHT"Doughnut," in baseball lingo
PASSBase on balls, in baseball lingo
TATERHome run, in baseball lingo
DIVOTA piece of the action in golf?
MERGERAFL/CIO action in '55
REBIDAction in a bridge game
PELTINGAction in a snowball fight
GUNPLAYAction in a western
LAWSUITAction in court
NORRISActor Chuck of action films
SEEREASONAdopt a sensible course of action
PLANBAlternative course of action
STAYArrest of action
ARENASCenters of action
JACKIEChan of action films
HANKAARON"It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on a golf course."
TOMPHRASE"There's no crying in baseball," e.g.?
ROUT15-0 in baseball, e.g.
SELIGActing boss in baseball

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