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Crossword Answers: Oscar-and-Cornel
WILDESOscar and Cornel
SAMOscar- and Grammy-winning singer Smith
BANCROFT"The Miracle Worker" Oscar and Tony winner
PIANOPenny, Ian, Oscar and Joanna (5)
ALFRESCOOutside, near Oscar and the elf? (8)
MATTHEWHe's played Oscar and Chandler on TV
ZETAOscar and Tony winner Catherine ___-Jones
FREDERICIn A Song To Remember, Merle Oberon played novelist George Sand and Cornel Wilde the composer ... Ch
MOVERSMike, Oscar and Victor Ward and Son? Sounds like a firm going places! (6)
EMMYFinal award in an EGOT besides a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony
REXHARRISONOscar and Tony winner for his role as Henry Higgins
YULBRYNNEROscar and Tony winner for his role as King Mongkut
JOSEFERREROscar and Tony winner for his role as Cyrano de Bergerac
LOCO1994 Oscar- and Grammy-winning song for Elton John
ADVOCATESpeaks for someone Dave mixed-up ringing Oscar and Tom (8)
ODDOscar and Felix are The --- Couple
RODGERSRichard who won the first ever EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony)
CONSENSUALCaught Oscar and partner getting lustful with agreement (10)
OPPOSINGDisapproving of order for father, Oscar and Carol (8)
PAPAIt comes between Oscar and Quebec in the phonetic alphabet
ALPHABETMike, Charlie, Oscar, and Victor appear in it on radio (8)
MOLOTOVDoctor from film studio meets Oscar and Victor for a cocktail (7)
AUDREYHEPBURNActress who won the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (the Oscar was for "Roman Holiday"): 2 wds.
MORTGAGEAddress protects Oscar and Lawrence over restraint issued by bank (8)
WILDEOscar or Cornel
WESTCornel who wrote "Race Matters"
TREECornel or poon
BIGCOMBOThe ___, 1955 crime film starring Cornel Wilde and Richard Conte (3,5)
HADGinger Rogers has severe indecision before every scheduled marriage, until dream-lover Cornel Wilde
NAKEDKind of prey in a Cornel Wilde film title
OMARPoet played by Cornel Wilde in a 1957 film

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