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Crossword Answers: Oscar-and-Cornel
WILDESOscar and Cornel
SNAKECHEREmmy, Oscar and Grammy-winning reptile?
ELTONJohn with an Oscar and a Tony
ISAACS"Inside Llewyn Davis" actor Oscar and others
WILDEOATESWhat Oscar and Joyce Carol sow?
PRIZESOscar and Tony
AWARDSOscar and Obie
THEWILDEBUNCHFilm about Oscar and family?
NEILCreator of Oscar and Felix
FREDERICIn A Song To Remember, Merle Oberon played novelist George Sand and Cornel Wilde the composer ... Ch
MORTGAGEAddress protects Oscar and Lawrence over restraint issued by bank (8)
MAYORHead of old corporation is after April, Oscar and Regina (5)
IDIOTSFools yours truly along with Diana, Oscar and Eliot (6)
RITAMORENOOnly Hispanic performer with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony
INAMORATOOne man returns order to snitch on Oscar and boyfriend (9)
OMEGAOscar and Margaret get first letter with last letter in old Athens (5)
OMNIVOREEats everything Oscar and Mervin makes around duck (8)
PETERCAREYAuthor of the Booker Prize winner, Oscar And Lucinda (5,5)
STREISANDEntertainer Barbra with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony wins
RITAMoreno with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards
CHERWinner of an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and three Golden Globes
HELENHAYESTony-, Oscar- and Emmy-winner born 10/10/1900
SHAWOnly person to win both an Oscar and a Nobel
FOSSEDirector Bob who won a Tony, Oscar and Emmy all in the same year
TREECornel or poon
NAKEDKind of prey in a Cornel Wilde film title
OMARPoet played by Cornel Wilde in a 1957 film
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