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Crossword Answers: Oscar-and-Cornel
WILDESOscar and Cornel
PRIZESOscar and Tony
AWARDSOscar and Tony
CATEBlanchette of "Oscar and Lucinda"
NEILCreator of Oscar and Felix
FOSSEDirector Bob who won a Tony, Oscar and Emmy all in the same year
THEWILDEBUNCHFilm about Oscar and family?
SHAWOnly person to win both an Oscar and a Nobel
HELENHAYESTony-, Oscar- and Emmy-winner born 10/10/1900
WILDEOATESWhat Oscar and Joyce Carol sow?
CHERWinner of an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and three Golden Globes
RITAMoreno with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards
TREECornel or poon
OMARPoet played by Cornel Wilde in a 1957 film
NAKEDKind of prey in a Cornel Wilde film title

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