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Crossword Answers: Opposite-of-fronts
REARSOpposite of fronts
TAN"The Opposite of Fate" author
AMYTAN"The Opposite of Fate" author
STOPA"...I can remember when you could ___ clock" ("Pink Houses" line that means the opposite of what Mel
RICCI"The Opposite of Sex" star
ROOS"The Opposite of Sex" writer/director Don
MOD'60s opposite of rocker
NOPEAn opposite of yep!
LINChinese who was the opposite of a lout
SSEDirection opposite of NNW
WREAKORDERDo the opposite of causing havoc?
NOHOWInformal opposite of 'under any circumstances'
RITMusical opposite of accel.
THUNDERTHIGHSNickname opposite of Beanpole
FACADESFalse fronts
REARFront's opposite
BACKFront's opposite
PROWSAirplane fronts
COMINGECONOMICSFinal two home fronts
IERFront's back?
ION"... and ___ the opposite shore..."
INTRA"Inter" opposite
NOT"Just the opposite!"
OUI"Non" opposite
BIZARRO"Opposite" planet in Superman lore
PRE"Post-" opposite
AVEC"Sans" opposite
TUTTI"Solo" opposite
ATEASE"Ten-hut!" opposite

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