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Crossword Answers: Opposite-of-fronts
REARSOpposite of fronts
REAROpposite of front
NOSOpposites of yeses
MARATHONSOpposites of dashes
BYESChanges colour of front door, certainly (4)
FACELIFTRenovation of front elevation (4-4)
HOOKClip of front row action (4)
REALISTSOpposites of fantasts
MATS"Welcome" items outside of front doors
COURTIERMessenger bearing bottom of front page? (8)
TOPSOpposites of bottoms
TOEINType of front wheel adjustment
FRILLYFancy horse on the outside of front runner (6)
ONTHEROOFPart of front, hero of high spot where fiddler spends some time (2,3,4)
COPPICEPoliceman fronts epic turn in the spinney
STOOPSBrownstone fronts
BIBSOverall fronts
LETTERHEADFor example, Y-front's logo? (10)
TOECAPSSteel attachments to fronts of shoes (7)
BRASBeach fronts?
POSHPolo shop fronts are up-market (4)
SALAustralian alt-country singer, Kimber, who fronts The Rollin' Wheel (3)
SILVERCHAIRDaniel Johns fronts this hugely successful rock band
ARMEDFORCESDAYMay 21st celebration honoring those who keep America safe on the fronts formed by the first few lett
AWNINGCover when Y-fronts would be wide open (6)
KOOKIESTMagazines with fronts stuck together - Fiesta missing cover that's most kinky (8)
MUBARAKDisgraced President Obama caught out touching Miss Universe on two fronts (7)
AFARAt a distance, fronts appeal for a retrial (4)
INSISTENTForceful in relation to every new thing, on all fronts (9)
WHATAre you serious writing home about trading fronts? (4)
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