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Crossword Answers: One-who-shares-in-a-will
COHEIROne who shares in a will
INTERESTSStupidly resist ten shares in a business (9)
COEDITOROne who shares a masthead billing
COSTAROne who shares the bill?
BEQUEATHLeave in a will (8)
BEQUESTSThings left in a will (8)
LEFTTOGave, as in a will
PASSONLeave, as in a will
HEIRSOnes named in a will
BOOMSound in a Will Smith title
INHERITReceive in a will
HEIRName in a will
BEQUEATHSLeaves, as in a will
ESTATEIt's left in a will
LEGACIESGifts left in a will
LENDShare, in a way
STAKEShare in a business
STOCKSShares in medieval punishment
SHEARSRearranged shares in garden sheds? (6)
INVESTBuy shares in cotton perhaps? (6)
HELPSShares in the labor
COPAYSShares in bills
PARTAKESShares (in)
ETEJuillet shares in it
PANICBUDDYFriend who shares your hysteria?
CHEVYCHASEComic actor who shares a name with a Washington suburb
SLEEPINGPARTNERHush-hush business associate who shares his money and your bed? (8,7)
BARONESS"G.I. Joe" villain who shares her name with a noblewoman's rank
OLDKINGCOLEMerry old soul of nursery-rhyme fame who shares his name with a Canadian brand of tea (3,4,4)
ALANHALEComet co-discoverer who shares his name with a father-and-son acting pair
ROOMMATEOthello back with other half who shares the house (4-4)
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