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Crossword Answers: One-who-shares-in-a-will
COHEIROne who shares in a will
INTERESTSStupidly resist ten shares in a business (9)
COEDITOROne who shares a masthead billing
COSTAROne who shares the bill?
BEQUESTSThings left in a will (8)
LEFTTOGave, as in a will
PASSONLeave, as in a will
HEIRSOnes named in a will
BOOMSound in a Will Smith title
INHERITReceive in a will
HEIRName in a will
BEQUEATHSLeaves, as in a will
ESTATEIt's left in a will
LEGACIESGifts left in a will
LENDShare, in a way
STAKEShare in a business
HELPSShares in the labor
COPAYSShares in bills
PARTAKESShares (in)
ETEJuillet shares in it
PANICBUDDYFriend who shares your hysteria?
CHEVYCHASEComic actor who shares a name with a Washington suburb
AMONEgyptian god who shares an identity with Ra
STMARIANBeatified monk who shares his name with a "Robin Hood" character
PLATOONPLAYERBaseballer who shares a position with a teammate
CODICILSupplement to a will
RENOSubject of a Will Ferrell "S.N.L." impersonation
HOPISPeople who share a reservation with the Tewa Indians
ASSISTShare in
TAKEPARTShare (in)
PARTAKEShare (in)
ACUTTake ___ of (share in)
PARTAKENHad a share (in)

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