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Crossword Answers: One-who-shares-in-a-will
COHEIROne who shares in a will
EQUITIESShares in a company (8)
INTERESTSStupidly resist ten shares in a business (9)
COSTAROne who shares the bill?
COEDITOROne who shares a masthead billing
BEQUEATHLeave in a will (8)
BEQUESTSThings left in a will (8)
LEFTTOGave, as in a will
PASSONLeave, as in a will
HEIRSOnes named in a will
BOOMSound in a Will Smith title
INHERITReceive in a will
HEIRName in a will
BEQUEATHSLeaves, as in a will
ESTATEIt's left in a will
LEGACIESGifts left in a will
LENDShare, in a way
STAKEShare in a business
LOTSMany have shares in them (4)
STOCKSShares in medieval punishment
SHEARSRearranged shares in garden sheds? (6)
INVESTBuy shares in cotton perhaps? (6)
HELPSShares in the labor
COPAYSShares in bills
PARTAKESShares (in)
ETEJuillet shares in it
TOMCOLLINSCharacter in "Rent" who shares his name with a cocktail
ERNIEGolfer Els who shares his first name with a Muppet
ADAMLEVINEAmerican pop singer who shares a first name with older singer Ant: 2 wds.
IGGYAZALEAAustralian rapper who shares a first name with older singer Pop: 2 wds.
ELVISCOSTELLOEnglish rock singer who shares a first name with earlier singer Presley: 2 wds.
SLEEPINGPARTNERHush-hush business associate who shares his money and your bed? (8,7)
WHIPSAWScourge with proverb gets men who share blade (7)
HOPISPeople who share a reservation with the Tewa Indians
CLOUTSee about a share in power
UPHOLDINGIncrease share in maintenance (9)
ADOLESCENTSTeenagers wanting share in rises
COPARENTShare in child rearing
TWINSTwo children from the same family, who share exactly the same birthday (5)
HARNESSShares improve with new control (7)
FIFTYFIFTYIn two equal shares
PORTFOLIOThe case for holding various shares
INVESTSBuys shares
BEANOBingo relative that shares its name with a dietary supplement
BLURREDLINESHit song that shares more than a passing resemblance to Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" ... and a
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