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Crossword Answers: One-who-chooses-not-to-see
IGNOREROne who chooses not to see
TURNABLINDEYEChoose not to see something (4,1,5,3)
ELECTOROne who chooses role reversal over playing etc (7)
SELECTORThe one who chooses (8)
VOTEROne who chooses
PASSESONChooses not to accept
TAKESChooses not to swing at, as a pitch
OPTSChooses not to participate, with "out"
OPTSOUTChooses not to participate
ABSTAINSChooses not to choose
EYELESS2 is to hear but not to see (7)
CROSSCUTSaw perhaps but angry and pretended not to see
TURNEDABLINDEYEPretended not to see, with "to"
WINKSATPretends not to see
SHUNMake sure not to see
FASTChoose not to eat quickly
NEITHER"I choose not to choose!"
HEEDChoose not to ignore
ARISEChoose not to snooze
FOLDChoose not to call
OPTOUTChoose not to participate
LEAVEALONEChoose not to mess with
LEASERSThey choose not to buy
PASSONChoose not to take
STAYUPChoose not to retire
LETChoose not to prevent
STRUMChoose not to pick?
OPTChoose not to participate, with 'out'
LETBEChoose not to disturb
ABSTAINChoose not to choose
NOHEARTOne reason not to see 1 across? It's why Tin Man can't commiserate! (2,5)

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