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Crossword Answers: One-controlling-drones
BEEKEEPEROne controlling drones
STINGSmart one controlling puppet? Not right (5)
IDLETALKThe converse of the Drones' Club?
FAAAgcy. that regulates drones
PILOTLESSLike drones
ROBOTDrone's relative
RESTINGLIKEABEEKicking back with the drones?
FASTINGLIKEABEEGoing without food as drones do?
WILTINGBEESDrones losing their pep?
INTELDrone's gathering, briefly
PILOTDrone's lack
RECONMilitary drone's job, for short
CLUBWodehouse's Drones ___
SNOREDWhat drones did
IDLERSSlackers and drones
APIANLike some drones
BAGPIPEIt has a chanter and drones
HEATHROBINSONEccentrically-constructed airport without terminal rejects third of drones (5-8)
HUMDRUMMonotonous drone on instrument (7)
AIRFORCEDrone operators
MONOTONENo men too busy to drone (8)
THRENODYDrone away in your old, sad song (8)
BEWILDERPuzzle of drone flying across turbulent river (8)
HADRONIt's collided at speed with a drone outside (6)
ANWAR___ al-Awlaki, terrorist targeted in a 2011 American drone strike

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