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Crossword Answers: On-a-rampage
BERSERKOn a rampage
AMOKOn a rampage
BATTERINGRAMBOMovie commando on a rampage?
RANWILDWent on a rampage
RIOTGo on a rampage
RIOTSGoes on a rampage
RAGINGBILLClinton on a rampage?
RIOTEDIn Rio, teddies went on a rampage (6)
RAMPANTOn the rampage (7)
RUNAMOKRampage out of control
TOKYOLocale of a Godzilla rampage
PATRIOTNationalist makes Mr Rafter rampage (7)
NOTORIOUSNumber to rampage endlessly with America having a bad name (9)
OHDEARExpression of dismay, seeing a horde on the rampage (2,4)
LACERATESpike starts to rampage and trash everything, causing distress (8)
HONOLULUOh, no! Lulu's on the rampage somewhere in the Pacific (8)
REEXTRACTText racer on the rampage and take out again (9)
ASHRAMIndians retreat to a marsh on the rampage (6)
DOORNAILDead item - dead before being eaten by a lion on the rampage
DEADLYSINSidney, lad on the rampage, one of seven baddies (6,3)
GLOUCESTERSHIRELeicester roughs on the rampage in the county (15)
PASTMASTERHistory teacher in Pat's stream on the rampage (4,6)

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