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Crossword Answers: Old-stage-directive
EXEUNTOld stage directive
ELEONORAOld stage actress Duse
REINOld stage line?
DUSEOld stage actress Eleanora
IMAGOOld stage for worker leads to road coming up to a green light (5)
ABORTMission directive
ALTERNATIVESDirective for missionaries or substitutes? (12)
SIGNPOSTStanding directive for road users
USEDirective for "the Force" or "a condom"
PRESSDirective in some automated messages
EVICTEDPut out directive ignoring Irish revolutionary (7)
MIXRecipe directive that's a Roman numeral
MERGEHighway directive
IVPUSHICU directive
DONOTPASSGOPart of a Monopoly directive
ONITEnthusiastic response to a directive
SITDOWNTV host's directive to the standing audience: 2 wds.
KISSMEDirective to Kate in a Cole Porter musical
OMELETTEEuropean capital lacking leadership over European directive ultim-ately, one's panned (8)
LETSGETPHYSICALOlivia Newton John's directive to an aerobics class: 3 wds.
OBEYFollow directives
GOROGUEDisobey directives, say
REGSDirectives, in brief
MARCHINGORDERSTroop directives
SHOWCAUSEORDERSJudicial directives
BRAKINGORDERSDirectives to slow down?
RIGHTFACEDrill sergeant's directive ... and, literally, what the ends of 17-, 21-, 38- and 58-Across can each

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