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Crossword Answers: Old-stage-directive
EXEUNTOld stage directive
REINOld stage line?
DUSEOld stage actress Eleanora
IMAGOOld stage for worker leads to road coming up to a green light (5)
IVPUSHICU directive
DONOTPASSGOPart of a Monopoly directive
ONITEnthusiastic response to a directive
VOTENOCampaign-ad directive
FLOSSEDObeyed a dentist's directive
COURTORDERTennis referee's directive becomes legal ruling (5,5)
INSTALLDownloader's directive
HELPMEMusical directive to Rhonda
REMITStatement directive
ELECTCampaign sign directive
TAKEAMEMODictator's directive
ONTWOHuddle directive
LIVINGWILLMedical directive
STEPDirective repeated in an aerobics class
LETSGETPHYSICALOlivia Newton John's directive to an aerobics class: 3 wds.
TAKEAHARDLINESounds like directive for difficult feline robbery from zoo? This is what inflexible firm will do! (
GOROGUEDisobey directives, say
REGSDirectives, in brief
MARCHINGORDERSTroop directives
SHOWCAUSEORDERSJudicial directives
BRAKINGORDERSDirectives to slow down?
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