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Crossword Answers: Old-Mitsubishi-model
DIAMANTEOld Mitsubishi model
LANCERMitsubishi model
GALANTMitsubishi model
COLTMitsubishi model
MIRAGEMitsubishi model
MONTEROMitsubishi model
ECLIPSEMitsubishi model
ASTROS'03 Mitsubishi model
CORDIAMitsubishi model of the '80s
LUGGAGECelestial event & '03 Mitsubishi model
SONYMitsubishi competitor
SANYOMitsubishi competitor
EVOMitsubishi Lancer model, familiarly
ECLIPSEELEMENTThe sun's corona, e.g.? (Mitsubishi, Honda)
YENMoney for a Mitsubishi
ZEROMitsubishi ___ (WWII attack plane)
BENGALLANCERMitsubishi with a tiger in the tank?
IMPOSINGImptressive model's statement?
PIRATESHIPSSome models in bottles
GOLDMEDALSFirst prizes making models glad
SITWhat models do to be seated
SLENDERFINGEREDLike many ring models
ACHROMATICOld telly model's leads; archaic set without colour (10)
SCHEMATAAfter school, swimming team ace models (8)
GEOCENTRICLike some early models of the solar system

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