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Crossword Answers: Oft-overlooked-Brady
JANOft-overlooked Brady
MINORDETAILOft-overlooked thing
FYLWHEELTurn overlooked by sly governor (8)
FLYWHEELTurn overlooked by sly governor (8)
WRITSon overlooked in joint legal document (4)
HYPERManic games in hospital yard regularly overlooked
HIRSTArtist"s first appearance overlooked in eagerness (5)
UNSUNGInstrumental tracks are overlooked (6)
BEFORE"I'm looking over a four-leaf clover; That I overlooked ...," sang Art Mooney
MAEWEST"It's better to be looked over than overlooked" speaker
RETALIATEDWhat avenger did, recalling detail a terrorist partly overlooked (10)
QUITLeave, being rather overlooked at the end (4)
SCATIs a chant oddly overlooked in vocal style? (4)
PERIODICALPublication has overlooked information on April 8 across, unfortunately (10)
APSESlip lecturer overlooked in part of church (4)
OVERA"I'm looking ... four-leaf clover; That I overlooked before," sang Art Mooney (4,1)
INVENTORPopular opening for initially overlooked creative person (8)
UNFORGIVENSpacecraft with new inside (ultimately inferior, granted) is not overlooked (10)
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