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Crossword Answers: Oft-abbreviated-Latin-phrase
IDESTOft-abbreviated Latin phrase
IDEDTOft-abbreviated Latin phrase
ETALAbbreviated Latin phrase
SEALEDWITHAKISSOft-abbreviated love-letter phrase
ELOOft-abbreviated band
NOVODe ___ (Latin phrase meaning "from the beginning")
PERCAPITALatin phrase meaning for each person (3,6)
ABINITIOLatin phrase, meaning from the beginning (2,6)
APRIORILatin phrase meaning "from what is before" (1,6)
APOSTERIORILatin phrase meaning with hindsight
EXPOSTFACTOHindsight (latin phrase)
MAGNUMBONUMLatin phrase: "great good" as applied to a crop (6,5)
INVINOVERITASWhich Latin phrase means the truth is spoken by those who are drunk? (2,4,7)
INREMLatin phrase used in law meaning "against a thing" (2,3)
INTER- alia, Latin phrase meaning "among other things" (5)
PONS-- asinorum; Latin phrase meaning "bridge of donkeys" used to describe the angles opposite the equal
SANCTIHoly, in Latin phrases
ORBIThe world, in Latin phrases
INSITUIs in its rightful place among Latin phrases (2,4)
LENName abbreviated to half length?
CHIThe Windy City, as abbreviated on a scoreboard
SOLONWise guy"s abbreviated farewell (5)
YORKSAbbreviated name of a county with a white rose emblem, site at Tan Hill of the highest inn in the Br
SPECIESA group that is seen in abbreviated spectacles (7)
ABCISLANDSAcronym or abbreviated name for the group in the Leeward Antilles comprising Aruba, Bonaire and Cura
MASERMicrowave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation in abbreviated form (5)
INTROAbbreviated term for the beginning text of an item loved by a bibliophile (5)

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