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Crossword Answers: Oft-abbreviated-Latin-phrase
IDESTOft-abbreviated Latin phrase
ETALAbbreviated Latin phrase
SEALEDWITHAKISSOft-abbreviated love-letter phrase
ELOOft-abbreviated band
NOTABENELatin phrase meaning take notice (4,4)
ETALIALatin phrase usually shortened
FIRMALatin phrase for solid ground, terra ...
ETCAbbr. of a Latin phrase
INRELatin phrase on a memo
ETALIILatin phrase at the end of a list
IPSOPart of a Latin phrase in trips overseas
EXLIBRISLatin phrase on a bookplate
ABOVOLatin phrase meaning "from the beginning"
INESSELatin phrase meaning "actually"
EXOFFICIOBy virtue of one's official position, Latin phrase (2,7)
OPERE___ citato (Latin phrase that's often abbreviated in footnotes)
SANCTIHoly, in Latin phrases
ORBIThe world, in Latin phrases
ANNODOMINIDating term usually abbreviated
THROAbbreviated preposition
CELLOAbbreviated word for a bowed instrument (5)
ASSTAbbreviated aide
ATTAffixed, abbreviated
VEDAIn Virginia an abbreviated edition of the Hindu Scriptures (4)
ESQAbbreviated term of respect for a gentleman written after a name (3.)
BARBQCommon abbreviated spelling for a roasting framework (3-1-1)
CANONImitative overlapping phrases
PROSEWriting up some clauses or phrases (5)
SHERPASPhrases articulated by Himalayans (7)
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