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Crossword Answers: Oft-abbreviated-Latin-phrase
IDESTOft-abbreviated Latin phrase
IDEDTOft-abbreviated Latin phrase
ETALAbbreviated Latin phrase
SEALEDWITHAKISSOft-abbreviated love-letter phrase
ELOOft-abbreviated band
APRIORILatin phrase meaning "from what is before" (1,6)
APOSTERIORILatin phrase meaning with hindsight
EXPOSTFACTOHindsight (latin phrase)
NOTABENELatin phrase meaning take notice (4,4)
ETALIALatin phrase usually shortened
FIRMALatin phrase for solid ground, terra ...
ETCAbbr. of a Latin phrase
INTER- alia, Latin phrase meaning "among other things" (5)
PONS-- asinorum; Latin phrase meaning "bridge of donkeys" used to describe the angles opposite the equal
INPEACEThe gravestone inscription RIP stands for the Latin phrase, requiescat in pace, or as it's more comm
EXOFFICIOBy virtue of one's official position, Latin phrase (2,7)
SANCTIHoly, in Latin phrases
ORBIThe world, in Latin phrases
INSITUIs in its rightful place among Latin phrases (2,4)
VERSUSWord abbreviated on fight cards
CALCITETwo names (the first abbreviated) for mineral
SAWEDOFFSHOTGUNAbbreviated weapon?
SEMISAbbreviated nickname for articulated trucks (5)
BRENDADoes she finish up in a very abbreviated garment?
RITIn music direction, what abbreviated notation means "held back"? (3)
CIRCAOften abbreviated to c, this word is used to indicate that the date/year/century etc given is approx
CONFRONTATIONSClashes arising from study on abbreviated French notations, perhaps? (14)

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