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Crossword Answers: Oft-abbreviated-Latin-phrase
IDESTOft-abbreviated Latin phrase
ETALAbbreviated Latin phrase
SEALEDWITHAKISSOft-abbreviated love-letter phrase
ELOOft-abbreviated band
ETCAbbr. of a Latin phrase
EXOFFICIOBy virtue of one's official position, Latin phrase (2,7)
INRELatin phrase on a memo
ETALIILatin phrase at the end of a list
OPERE___ citato (Latin phrase that's often abbreviated in footnotes)
IPSOPart of a Latin phrase in trips overseas
EXLIBRISLatin phrase on a bookplate
ABOVOLatin phrase meaning "from the beginning"
INESSELatin phrase meaning "actually"
ERATLatin phrase center
IPSAItself, in a Latin phrase
ETTUAccusatory Latin phrase
METEOROLOGYScience often met in its abbreviated form (11)
REV's title, abbreviated (3)
SYNONYMAbbreviated, for short
MRIYou'll be in a strong field when you take this abbreviated test
OMGTweeter's abbreviated interjection
OMIGODOutburst often abbreviated in tweets
AREWord often abbreviated to its middle letter, in texts
LATINLike many abbreviated terms in footnotes
EPITHETSDescriptive words or phrases (8)
SHAKSource of the phrases "cakes and ale" and "milk of human kindness": Abbr.
PLEONASMSRedundant phrases such as 17, 25, 37, and 49 Across

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