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Crossword Answers: Oft-abbreviated-Latin-phrase
IDESTOft-abbreviated Latin phrase
ETALAbbreviated Latin phrase
ELOOft-abbreviated band
SEALEDWITHAKISSOft-abbreviated love-letter phrase
ALII"Others" in a Latin phrase
ETTUAccusatory Latin phrase
IPSAItself, in a Latin phrase
ERATLatin phrase center
INESSELatin phrase meaning "actually"
ABOVOLatin phrase meaning "from the beginning"
NINTH"Beethoven's ___" (oft-recorded symphony)
BEAUTY"Black ___" (oft-made film)
SKY"Excuse me while I kiss the ___" (oft-misunderstood Hendrix line)
ASISAY"Repeating my oft spoken words..."
THEBEAR"Where I may oft outwatch ___": Milton
FEAR'To ___ the worst oft cures the worse': Shakespeare
RESERVEDSECTIONSBallpark areas oft-visited by beer vendors?
GINSUBrand of knives (oft-advertised on TV)
ENTENDRESDouble ___ (oft-racy innuendoes)
ELIJAHMCCOYInventor and oft-cited eponym for a phrase meaning "the genuine article"
DEI"Angele ___" (Latin prayer)
IRAE"Dies ___" (Latin hymn)
NOBIS"Dona ___ Pacem" (Latin hymn)
OMNES"Everything," in Latin
DEO"Gloria in Excelsis ___" (Latin hymn)
REA"Guilty," in a Latin legal phrase
AMAT"He loves," in Latin
SELENA"I Could Fall in Love" Latin singer
AUDIO"I hear" in Latin

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