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Crossword Answers: Office-worker's-calendar
APPOINTMENTBOOKOffice worker's calendar
SORTERSPost office workers
MAILMENPost office workers
STENOSOffice workers
STAFFOffice workers
NEWSMENPost office workers?
EDSPost office workers, for short?
DESKDRAWERSOffice worker's underwear?
TEMPSContract office workers
ATONEWhen many office workers return to work
CLERKSStore or office workers
STENOGSOffice workers, for short
TIESOffice workers' neckwear
DESKSETSOffice workers' ensembles
PAPERCUTSOffice workers' afflictions
THEROLLINGSTENOSOffice workers on in-line skates?
TGIFOffice worker's letters?
PARASLaw office workers, for short
DOORPLATEItem on which an office worker's name is printed
CLERKOffice worker
STENOOffice worker
DESKJOCKEYTypical office worker
CARRIERPost-office worker
PARALaw office worker, for short
BYONEWhen an office worker may have to be back from lunch
INTERNSummer office worker
PETULACLERKSinger turned office worker
EDITORPost office worker?
LEGALSECRETARYOffice worker without immigration problems?
DEFILEDCLERKOffice worker who lost his cabinet?
STENONOTESTONESOffice worker records nuances
DILBERTOffice worker of cartoons
TEMPOffice worker just for the day
CLKOffice worker (abbr.)
FILERCertain office worker

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