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Crossword Answers: Office-worker's-calendar
APPOINTMENTBOOKOffice worker's calendar
STENOSOffice workers
STAFFOffice workers
TYPISTSOffice workers
MAILMENPost office workers
SORTERSPost office workers
RECEPTIONISTSOffice workers (13)
MEMOSShort notes sent to office workers
SECRETARIESSome office workers
NEWSMENPost office workers?
EDSPost office workers, for short?
DESKDRAWERSOffice worker's underwear?
TEMPSContract office workers
ATONEWhen many office workers return to work
CLERKSStore or office workers
STENOGSOffice workers, for short
TIESOffice workers' neckwear
DESKSETSOffice workers' ensembles
PAPERCUTSOffice workers' afflictions
THEROLLINGSTENOSOffice workers on in-line skates?
TGIFOffice worker's letters?
PARASLaw office workers, for short
DANISHEuropean office workers sample food from bakery (6,6)
TEALADIESOffice workers duck - article passes over (3,6)
IDEAFinal date in the Julian calendar?
MOCalendar page (abbr) (2)
MTGSSome Outlook calendar entries: Abbr.
DOORAdvent calendar part
MALEMODELBeefcake calendar figure
DATEBOOKDesk calendar
RASCALRogue mentioned in Senora's calendar (6)
ONEADStart of the Julian calendar
MANMany a calendar beefcake
LEAPThe Gregorian calendar year in which February has 29 days instead of the usual 28
MARKTHEOCCASIONRemind oneself on the calendar to organise toast (4,3,8)
DEVILSADVOCATEArgumentative type who's opposed to enlargement of calendar? (6,8)
BOTANICALGARDENPark-like area indicated in revised boating calendar (9,6)
ASHFirst day of Lent in the Christian calendar, ... Wednesday
SLAMIn 1988 Steffi Graf became the only person in the century to win a true Golden ..., ie the Australia
DARESTArt bold enough to be noticed in calendar estimable (6)
DATESNumbers on calendars
OCT10 of calendars, briefly
EOM31st on calendars (acronym)
STRIKEDEADLINESDays marked on scabs' calendars?
NOVEleven on calendars
YEAROFTHEMONKEY2004, on Chinese calendars
ERASABLELike some wall calendars
MONTHPage of some wall calendars
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