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Crossword Answers: Office-worker's-calendar
APPOINTMENTBOOKOffice worker's calendar
SORTERSPost office workers
MAILMENPost office workers
TEMPOffice worker's degrees in abbreviated form? (4)
CLERICALDRESSAs worn by priests and office workers?
RECEPTIONISTSOffice workers (13)
MEMOSShort notes sent to office workers
NEWSMENPost office workers?
EDSPost office workers, for short?
DESKDRAWERSOffice worker's underwear?
TEMPSContract office workers
ATONEWhen many office workers return to work
CLERKSStore or office workers
STENOGSOffice workers, for short
TIESOffice workers' neckwear
DESKSETSOffice workers' ensembles
PAPERCUTSOffice workers' afflictions
THEROLLINGSTENOSOffice workers on in-line skates?
SECRETARIESOffice workers
DESKSPieces of furniture that many office workers sit at
STARTSOFFBegins to sort out inside office workers (6,3)
LOOPGroup of office workers about to supply part of computer program (4)
DANISHEuropean office workers sample food from bakery (6,6)
TEALADIESOffice workers duck - article passes over (3,6)
SEDAKA"Calendar Girl" singer
SAVETHEDATE"Mark your calendar now"
ELUL12th month of the Jewish calendar
SNAKE2001's symbol, in the Chinese calendar
AZTECS260-day calendar users
COMMONYEAR365day calendar year
TERMAcademic calendar division

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