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Crossword Answers: Office-worker's-calendar
APPOINTMENTBOOKOffice worker's calendar
STAFFOffice workers
TYPISTSOffice workers
STENOSOffice workers
SORTERSPost office workers
MAILMENPost office workers
NEWSMENPost office workers?
EDSPost office workers, for short?
DESKDRAWERSOffice worker's underwear?
TEMPSContract office workers
ATONEWhen many office workers return to work
CLERKSStore or office workers
STENOGSOffice workers, for short
TIESOffice workers' neckwear
DESKSETSOffice workers' ensembles
PAPERCUTSOffice workers' afflictions
THEROLLINGSTENOSOffice workers on in-line skates?
TGIFOffice worker's letters?
PARASLaw office workers, for short
DOORPLATEItem on which an office worker's name is printed
NOVEMBERNinth month in the Roman calendar until the 7c B.C. (8)
HEARGet wind of it at both ends of Hebrew calendar (4)
PRAYERProtects public image putting together calendar of worship (6)
ADVENTPeriod before Christmas in the Christian calendar
NEWMOONLunar calendar start
SHROVETUESDAYPancake Day in the Christian calendar (6,7)
NEWYEARIn the Chinese calendar this will occur on the first day of the first lunar month (3,4)
GREGORIANType of calendar used by Norman or Botham (9)
NONESAncient Roman calendar day
HASOPENDidn't fill yet, as calendar slots
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