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Crossword Answers: Of-the-nervous-system
NEURALOf the nervous system
NERVECELLCell of the nervous system
SENSORYCELLCell of the nervous system
AFFERENTNEURONCell of the nervous system
SENSORYNEURONCell of the nervous system
RASYMTHETICPart of the nervous system
NEUROLOGYBranch of medicine that deals with the nervous system
DETENSIONCAMPTraining site for the nervous?
STIMULINervous system activators
SYNAPSENervous-system junction
BRAINIt controls the central nervous system (5)
AXONNervous system transmitter
BLUSHSympathetic nervous system response
GLIANervous system tissue
NEURONSNervous system units
SPINAL___ cord (part of the central nervous system)
ATAXIASymptom of nervous system impairment
CYBERNETICSScience comparing computers with man's nervous system
PEMOLINENervous system stimulant
SYMPATHETICNetwork of nerve cells that activate the fight or flight response, ... nervous system
RETINAOnly externally visible part of the central nervous system
BRAINSThey control nervous systems (6)
CLAMMYLike a nervous person's skin
TWITTERYNervous, tense rabbit close to anxiety (8)
GETSBUTTERFLIESCollects insects but suffers from nervous tremors (4,11)
DOMESTICAnticipating nervous reaction, heads home (8)
ACETICOne with a nervous habit of being sour
LEGALISTICSlavishly rule-following, like at first, say, a novice, is a nervous thing (10)
LUCYThe creation of cartoonist Charles Schulz, the Peanuts gang was made up of Charlie Brown, his dog Sn
BREAKDOWNNervous disorder? Take holiday away from Oxford maybe (9)
AUTARCHIESPolitical systems governed by single individuals
AGFAImaging systems co.
HIGGSPhysicist showing fine weather systems good for hearts (5)
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