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Crossword Answers: Oceanus,-Hyperion,-etc
TITANSOceanus, Hyperion, etc.
TELESTODaughter of Oceanus
ASIADaughter of Oceanus
SEANYMPHSDaughters of Oceanus
TETHYSWife of Oceanus
EOSDaughter of Hyperion
HELIOSSon of Hyperion
THEASister and wife of Hyperion
TITANHyperion, for one
SATURNHyperion circles it
TRUDYCassidy Rae's "Hyperion Bay" role
STYXA tenth part of the waters of Oceanus
TITANIAHerschel's discovery of Hyperion for instance initially intrigued astronomers
OPE"Why should I ___ thy melancholy eyes?": Keats, "Hyperion"
HOLDERLINFriedrich, German lyric poet whose works include Hyperion (9)
TETCHYIrritable wife of Oceanus not quite making it around Cape (6)

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