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Crossword Answers: Obsessed-with-buttons
FASTENATEDObsessed with buttons?
BESTUDAdorn, as with buttons
MESCALCactus with buttons
ETUICase with buttons and needles
PUPTENTQuarters with buttons
ELEVATORBox with buttons
BLOUSEGarment with buttons on the left
CARDIGANSweater with buttons
INTOObsessed with
HOOKEDONObsessed with
STUCKONObsessed with
DEEPINTOObsessed with
FIXATEBe obsessed with, with 'on'
DATENUTCOOKIESHoneys obsessed with their social life?
TAKENObsessed (with)
MORBIDObsessed with the dark side
STAGESTRUCKObsessed with the theater
MALLMINDEDObsessed with shopping?
EGOMANIACALObsessed with oneself
ODESSATexas city obsessed with the Permian Panthers in "Friday Night Lights"
DWELLONBe obsessed with
ITGO"Let ___!" (advice to the obsessed)
HIGHFIDELITY"This is a film about...obsessed clerks in record stores..."--Roger Ebert, 4 stars, 2000
MOVEONAdvice for the obsessed
AHABCaptain obsessed
STANEminem's obsessed fan
FOPFashion-obsessed gent
SNAPSAlternative to buttons
VELCROAlternative to buttons
NAVELSBelly buttons
UMBILICIBelly buttons
RESETS"Start over" buttons
DINAHSHOREBIRD'Buttons and Bows' singer married to Celtics player?
HATARI1962 Howard Hawks film that featured Buttons as Pockets
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