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Crossword Answers: Obsessed-with-buttons
FASTENATEDObsessed with buttons?
CARDIGANSSweaters with buttons
SHIRTWAISTSBlouses with buttons down the front
CARDIGANSweater with buttons
BLOUSEGarment with buttons on the left
ELEVATORBox with buttons
PUPTENTQuarters with buttons
ETUICase with buttons and needles
MESCALCactus with buttons
BESTUDAdorn, as with buttons
EGOMANIACSPeople obsessed with being online?
OVERNo longer obsessed with
SDSOrg. with buttons that said "There's a change gonna come"
FERENGI"Star Trek" characters who are typically obsessed with profit, such as Quark
PHOBICObsessed with getting little imp into photo (6)
SPOTTEROne could be obsessed with training, bearing Harry (7)
EGOMANIACBeing obsessed with self, say nothing about murderer, keeping mum (9)
PRURIENTStarts to rudely interrupt Pinter play obsessed with sex (8)
MONOMANIASingle guy, excellent backing, obsessed with one thing (9)
FREAKOne obsessed with a particular activity or interest (5)
GYMNASIUMOver the century this establishment stopped being only the haunt of boxers and started being occupie
SEATFREAKOne obsessed with being on the aisle, say?
ADONISMen obsessed with improving their physique and youthful appearance are said to have an ... Complex
MALAISESMalcolm is behind a centre obsessed with melancholy feelings (8)
GAMERTurns up, it's about supplement for someone obsessed with dungeons and dragons (5)
PANICWord with button or room
EGOTISTSelf-obsessed person
EATENUPObsessed (5,2)
CLOTHESHORSESFashion-obsessed teenagers
KEENObsessed, in a way
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