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Crossword Answers: Obscure-corner
CRANNYObscure corner
MUDDIERMore obscure (7)
NIGHTSTimes when things appear obscure?
MANTLEObscure form of lament (6)
SMOKESCREENAction intended to obscure
THEINVISIBLEMANWells sequel to "Jude the Obscure"?
ECUReally obscure French armament
ESOTERYObscure stuff
ARCANAObscure matters
ONOObscure Melville work (weekly answer)
OMAObscure Melville work
TEMPLEAmen corner
BUILDINGAmen corner
CHURCHAmen corner
JERRYRIGGS"Handyman's Corner" Columnist
JAIL"Monopoly" corner
GERE"Red Corner" star
AMEN"The ___ Corner" (James Baldwin play)
ANDIN"___ this corner..." (wrestling intro part)
COBWEBAbandoned-corner sight
NEARAround the corner
DEEPESTThe most obscure band to back Springsteen went up first (7)
BYSTREETTimes setter's complicated in an obscure way (8)
POREObscure rope useful for getting under someone's skin (4)
CONTAINERAncient or obscure form of transportation (9)
UNREADObscure Auden repertoire initially remaining on the bookshelf? (6)
TRAITSIt is in the obscure arts that one sees distinguishing features (6)
IDIOCYInsanity does initially obscure creativity, yes! (6)
UNCLEObscure Arab ignored 1 of 9 (5)
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