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Crossword Answers: Obscure-corner
CRANNYObscure corner
DELPHICObscure or difficult to interpret (7)
SNOBOne with obscure tastes
CLEARERLess obscure (7)
LOUDGarish obscure start is missing (4)
RELEGATESConsigns to obscure position
THEOREMThe more obscure proposition (7)
MYSTICObscure compiler's inconclusive threat (6)
BLUSHERGirl wears obscure cosmetic (7)
DILATEExpand on obscure detail(6)
ONEHORSEObscure individual with animal (3-5)
PLEDGEStapled gerund to obscure word (6)
TEMPLEAmen corner
BUILDINGAmen corner
CHURCHAmen corner
JERRYRIGGS"Handyman's Corner" Columnist
JAIL"Monopoly" corner
GERE"Red Corner" star
AMEN"The ___ Corner" (James Baldwin play)
ANDIN"___ this corner..." (wrestling intro part)
COBWEBAbandoned-corner sight
NEARAround the corner
CUMULOSTRATUSStout, muscular characters who obscure view of sun
ENCLOUDObscure final chapter about useless 'tec only half-finished
OBSTRUCTIONObscure instruction outside is a stumbling block (11)
MONSOONNo: moon's obscure as it blows in from the Indian Ocean (7)
CIVILSERVANTEnglish translation of Bible penned by obscure Calvinist bureaucrat (5,7)
LECTURESTalks given by an obscure recluse about the outback
ONEHORSETOWNObscure place with singularly small, stable population? (3-5,4)
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