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Crossword Answers: Obscure-corner
CRANNYObscure corner
RELEGATESConsigns to obscure position
THEOREMThe more obscure proposition (7)
MYSTICObscure compiler's inconclusive threat (6)
BLUSHERGirl wears obscure cosmetic (7)
DILATEExpand on obscure detail(6)
ONEHORSEObscure individual with animal (3-5)
PLEDGEStapled gerund to obscure word (6)
DIMSBecomes more obscure
SPOTLIGHTFocus, when obscure plot visible? (9)
ASCLEARASMUDTotally obscure! (2,5,2,3)
SEARCHERExplorer reaches obscure river (8)
CLOUDBURSTObscure rupture causes heavy rainstorm (10)
OREGANOLove obscure orange herb (7)
TEMPLEAmen corner
BUILDINGAmen corner
CHURCHAmen corner
JERRYRIGGS"Handyman's Corner" Columnist
JAIL"Monopoly" corner
GERE"Red Corner" star
AMEN"The ___ Corner" (James Baldwin play)
ANDIN"___ this corner..." (wrestling intro part)
COBWEBAbandoned-corner sight
NEARAround the corner
RELITWhat's kindled again in obscure literature? (5)
DARKENINGMan in defiance is becoming more obscure (9)
THEDOGS15 novel where death row's fog obscure (3,4,2,3)
DEJAVUA lesser figure in Jude the Obscure - have you read this somewhere before? (4,2)
FOGGObscure-sounding round-the-world traveller (4)

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