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Crossword Answers: Obscure-corner
CRANNYObscure corner
PLAINNot obscure
CLEARNot obscure
KNOWNNot obscure
FAMOUSNot obscure
OUTLINENot obscure
IMMORTALNot obscure
LUMINOUSNot obscure
FAMILIARNot obscure
EXPLICITNot obscure
COMMONNot obscure
OBVIOUSNot obscure
SPECIFICNot obscure
DIMLYIn an obscure manner
UNCLEARLYIn an obscure manner
BEFOGMake obscure
BEDIMMake obscure
HARDY"Jude the Obscure" author
MURKYDarkly obscure
NONAMEGeneric or obscure
ONTHEMAPHardly obscure
JUDEHardy's "___ the Obscure"
CLEARESTLeast obscure
CLOUDIERMore obscure, like a crystal ball gazing
RUNICMystical and obscure
TEMPLEAmen corner
BUILDINGAmen corner
CHURCHAmen corner
TREEBack into a corner
BUTTONHOLEBack into a corner
DEAN"From the Corner of His Eye" author Koontz
JERRYRIGGS"Handyman's Corner" Columnist
JAIL"Monopoly" corner
GERE"Red Corner" star
AMEN"The ___ Corner" (James Baldwin play)
ANDIN"___ this corner..." (wrestling intro part)
COBWEBAbandoned-corner sight
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