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Crossword Answers: Noted-American-fashion-designer
BILLBLASSNoted American fashion designer
HALSTONAmerican fashion designer
LOANoted American active volcano
SKINNERNoted American behaviorist
REONoted American car make
MONTICELLONoted American example of Palladian architecture
NIDANoted American linguist
PETERSONNoted American ornithologist
WINGLARDNERNoted American short-story author?
RICHARDTUCKERNoted American tenor
COLENoted American composer (with 5-Across)
ISAACMIZRAHI'Unzipped' fashion designer
ELSAActress Lanchester or fashion designer Schiaparelli
ISSEYMIYAKEAvant-garde fashion designer born in Hiroshima
CLAIBORNEBrussels-born fashion designer
DIORChristian, fashion designer
SUIFashion designer Anna
SCAASIFashion designer Arnold (which is his real name backwards)
ADRIENFashion designer Arpel
LUELLAFashion designer Bartley
ARMANI"American Gigolo" designer
ERTE"Ben Hur" costume designer
NAPIER"Cats" designer John
FULTON"Clermont" designer
PERRIER"Designer" water
COCOCHANEL"Little black dress" designer
PARIS"1 Night in ___" (noted unauthorized sex video)
EREI"Able was I ___ saw Elba" (noted palindrome)
IRAE"Dies ___" (noted hymn)
YAMIN"Elliott ___" (noted 2007 debut album)
TINA"I, ___" (noted rock autobiography)
CLAUS"Santa ___ Is Coming to Town" (noted Springsteen cover)
WARS"Star ___" (noted John Williams theme)
MILLIE"Thoroughly Modern ___" (noted musical)
RANMA"___ 1/2" (noted anime series)
LES"___ Mis" (noted musical, casually)

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