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Crossword Answers: Noted-American-fashion-designer
BILLBLASSNoted American fashion designer
HALSTONAmerican fashion designer
TOMMYAmerican fashion designer born in 1951 who married Dee Ocleppo in 2008 (5,8)
RALPHAmerican fashion designer, founder of the Polo clothing company, ... Lauren
RALPHLAURENAmerican fashion designer who founded the Polo clothing company (5,6)
OKAYApprove of American fashion (4)
ANNASUIChinese-American fashion icon
BLASSBig name in American fashion design
ASCHNoted American writer in Yiddish
RICHARDTUCKERNoted American tenor
WINGLARDNERNoted American short-story author?
PETERSONNoted American ornithologist
NIDANoted American linguist
JESSICAShakespearean Jewess with German car noted American ends (7,7)
OLEG_____ Cassini (Fashions designer)
DRESSCOLLECTIONFashion designer's offering: 2 wds.
MILLINERSUnderground folk protecting bad fashion-designers?
LEASEDLINEUncreative fashion designer's rental?
TARTANLINEScottish fashion designer's showing?
CLOSETENCOUNTERSFashion designers' secret meetings?
CLOTHESLINEFashion designer's work?
QUACKERYUnfounded claim to expertise laid bare by doubt about a fashion designer's initials (8)
ALINoted American follower of 20-Across
COLENoted American composer (with 5-Across)

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