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Crossword Answers: Not-so-normal
WEIRDERNot so normal
EASY"Not so fast!"
STOP"Not so fast!"
WHOA"Not so fast!"
HANGON"Not so fast!"
SLOWER"Not so fast!"
WAITASEC"Not so fast!"
SEEHERE"Not so fast!"
HOLDON"Not so fast!"
HOLDIT"Not so fast!"
YUBTETIKWC"Not so fast"
ITSALIE"Not so!"
UNTRUE"Not so!"
ASAWELL"Not so deep ___..."
LOWER"Not so loud"
LOT"I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly" speaker
ANYMAN"Thou canst not then be false to ___": Polonius
CANST"Thou ___ not then be false to any man": "Hamlet"
OUTSIZEDLarger than normal (8)
NATURALDEATHNormal departure
INORDINATEExceeding normal limits (10)
MALTAIsland in which normal tariffs apply (5)
STOCKEXCHANGENormal conversation in place of business? (5,8)
EXTRAMURALOutside normal programme (5-5)
NEBUCHADNEZZARWine bottle holding equivalent of 20 normal bottles (14)
SNACKIt will be less than the normal fare (5)
ALTOA singer is included in most normal tours (4)
HYPNOSISMost of the publicity on retiring relative is one of those suggestions affecting the normal state (8
PARADIGMInspector in corporate get-together following normal example (8)
NATURALISTSZoologists perhaps had most of the normal rolls
DOUBLESTANDARDSUnfair behaviour ___ that"s normal in a game of tennis (6,9)
SALMANAZARWine bottle holding the equivalent of twelve normal bottles (10)
HIVSubj. at the center of "The Normal Heart"
SNACKSThey will be less than the normal fare
NED"The Other Normals" author Vizzini
NOW"-- and then"
NONE"And Then There Were ___"
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