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Crossword Answers: Not-so-normal
WEIRDERNot so normal
HAIRYAlarming and difficult? Not so, after a close shave
ROUGHERNot so smooth (7)
SOURGRAPESA bad attitude over not-so-sweet fruit of the vine (4,6)
LITTLEREnd of metatarsal amongst multiple offspring is not so developed (7)
COOLERPrison's not so hot (6)
AMUSEDVictoria was famously not so pleasantly occupied (6)
ERICSevareid who wrote "Not So Wild a Dream"
DUOSNot-so-big bands
COGNot-so-big wheel?
ELDERNot-so-young tree (5)
RECKLESSRash but not so destructive we hear
CLEANERThe char may cook at first with not so much fat (7)
PICKALOCKConundrum facing the Baron in Pope's poem? Not so difficult for the thief! (4,1,4)
BROADGAUGENot so much on track as the track for wide yardstick (5,5)
NEEDLESSCrying out for not so much is uncalled for (8)
UNDERWRITEPromises to pay dues but in not so many words (10)
ASFARNot ___ ___ (Not so distant)
LIGHTERNot so heavy (7)
LESSONTeaching session with not so much to do (6)
POLITERNot so rude per lighter, say (7)
STAGMature male deer (or not so mature pre-wedding party)
FLYWEIGHTNot so heavy boxing category
OFTENERNot so seldom
IUSEDTO"That was normal for me once"
USANCEHopeless cause, with investment of unspecified figure, is normal practice (6)
ANATURALAnswer to normal accidental note (1,7)
COMMONPRAYERNormal to call on hospital ward for the Anglicans (6,6)
FALSETTOMale voice above the normal range (8)
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