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Crossword Answers: Not-so-normal
WEIRDERNot so normal
KARLNot-so-funny Marx
BLESSEDEndowed? Not so much in sack (7)
LANKERNot so filled out
STOMPTread not so lightly
ROUGHERNot so smooth (7)
COOLERPrison's not so hot (6)
DUOSNot-so-big bands
COGNot-so-big wheel?
ELDERNot-so-young tree (5)
RECKLESSRash but not so destructive we hear
LEANNESSThe slenderness of Anne - not so round
WILDERBilly or Thornton are not so civilised (6)
SIMPLERHerb's right - it's not so difficult
NEWERIntroduction of naval vessel that's not so old
HAIRYAlarming and difficult? Not so, after a close shave
SOURGRAPESA bad attitude over not-so-sweet fruit of the vine (4,6)
LITTLEREnd of metatarsal amongst multiple offspring is not so developed (7)
AMUSEDVictoria was famously not so pleasantly occupied (6)
ERICSevareid who wrote "Not So Wild a Dream"
CLEANERThe char may cook at first with not so much fat (7)
PICKALOCKConundrum facing the Baron in Pope's poem? Not so difficult for the thief! (4,1,4)
BROADGAUGENot so much on track as the track for wide yardstick (5,5)
ANYMAN"Thou canst not then be false to ___": Polonius
CANST"Thou ___ not then be false to any man": "Hamlet"
BOUNCEBACKReturn to normal pad? (6,4)
UPROOTDisplace from normal habitat
IUSEDTO"That was normal for me once"
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