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Crossword Answers: Not-so-normal
WEIRDERNot so normal
EASY"Not so fast!"
STOP"Not so fast!"
WHOA"Not so fast!"
HANGON"Not so fast!"
SLOWER"Not so fast!"
WAITASEC"Not so fast!"
SEEHERE"Not so fast!"
HOLDON"Not so fast!"
HOLDIT"Not so fast!"
YUBTETIKWC"Not so fast"
ITSALIE"Not so!"
UNTRUE"Not so!"
ASAWELL"Not so deep ___..."
LOWER"Not so loud"
LOT"I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly" speaker
ANYMAN"Thou canst not then be false to ___": Polonius
CANST"Thou ___ not then be false to any man": "Hamlet"
ASPERUSUALIn the normal way
PARDONForgiveness for a normal fellow
HABITATOne's normal environment (7)
FREAKEccentric faker, far from normal
PARASIntros for -graph and -normal
NATURESNormal states
PARISHDistrict with church that's roughly normal? (6)
RESTOREBring back to normal
JETLAGDisruption of the body's normal rhythm as a result of air travel (3,3)
SUDANCountry south of France getting a normal start
PARVALUESNormal prices for stocks when re-ordering Super Lava (3,6)
DRUNKENLYExtremely enthusiastically supports alcoholic in his normal manner of behaving (9)

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