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Crossword Answers: Not-so-normal
WEIRDERNot so normal
EASY"Not so fast!"
STOP"Not so fast!"
WHOA"Not so fast!"
HANGON"Not so fast!"
SLOWER"Not so fast!"
WAITASEC"Not so fast!"
SEEHERE"Not so fast!"
HOLDON"Not so fast!"
HOLDIT"Not so fast!"
YUBTETIKWC"Not so fast"
ITSALIE"Not so!"
UNTRUE"Not so!"
ASAWELL"Not so deep ___..."
LOWER"Not so loud"
LOT"I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly" speaker
ANYMAN"Thou canst not then be false to ___": Polonius
CANST"Thou ___ not then be false to any man": "Hamlet"
RESTOREBring back to normal
VITAMINSThey're essential to normal metabolism (8)
TENORPerformer of quite normal songs
RIANormal drowned valley
SPARKLEVivacity normal in retreating deer (7)
PARABLERelation that's normal fit (7)
JAILWhere bolting is normal, yet exceptional (4)
BARTHAJustin _ is David Sawyer in The New Normal.
PRACTICEDo something, being in charge of normal behaviour (8)
PARADISICNormal to have one in a record that"s blissful (9)
COTANGENTCompany chap accepting first indications from the accountants - normal ratio (9)
EXTRATIMECricket score to give out arising after normal play? (5,4)

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