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Crossword Answers: Not-so-normal
WEIRDERNot so normal
EASY"Not so fast!"
STOP"Not so fast!"
WHOA"Not so fast!"
HANGON"Not so fast!"
SLOWER"Not so fast!"
WAITASEC"Not so fast!"
SEEHERE"Not so fast!"
HOLDON"Not so fast!"
HOLDIT"Not so fast!"
YUBTETIKWC"Not so fast"
LOT"I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly" speaker
ASAWELL"Not so deep ___..."
LOWER"Not so loud"
ITSALIE"Not so!"
POORBelow normal
SUBPARBelow normal
INFERIORBelow normal
BELOWPARBelow normal
SECONDRATEBelow normal
LOWGRADEBelow normal
HOTAbove normal
FEVERISHAbove normal
BELLCURVE"Normal" shape, in statistics
TWENTY*Normal, in a way
IQTEST100 is considered normal on it
HITONESSTRIDEAchieve normal speed
ATEMPOAt normal speed, musically
PARABeginning for "normal" or "legal"

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