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Crossword Answers: Nickname-for-Hubert-Humphrey,-with-
HAPPYWARRIORNickname for Hubert Humphrey, with "the"
MINNESOTANHubert Humphrey was one
HEY"The Say ___ Kid" (nickname for baseball's Willie Mays)
OCHO"The ___" (nickname for ESPN 8, in "Dodgeball")
CHEYENNEAffectionate nickname for Ford Model T (3,6)
JACKOAlternative nickname for the Gloved One
MONEYDRAWERSAndrea Mitchell's nickname for hubby Greenspan?
MAUVEDECADEAnother nickname for the Gay Nineties
HERATHEDOGAphrodite's cruel nickname for Zeus's wife?
STU"Sanctimonious ___" (Joseph McCarthy's nickname for Senator Symington of Missouri)
NANSNicknames for moms' moms
VALENTINEToday's honoree, nicknames for whom begin the answers to starred clues
LASTEXITTO1964 novel by Hubert Selby, Jr (4,4,2,8)
GREENHubert -, 1977 US Open golf champion (5)
LYNDONHubert was his veep
HUMPHREYHubert ___, US vice president from 1965-69 (8)
SPROVice president after Hubert
WILKINSPolar explorer George Hubert ___
PARRYHubert ?, English composer best known for his setting of the William Blake poem Jerusalem (5)
REVERTReturn to former ways by stealing wheel centre from Rev Hubert (6)
GRITSCanadian Politics: Nicknames of the Liberals
TECHPart of some college nicknames

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