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Crossword Answers: Nickname-for-Hubert-Humphrey,-with-
HAPPYWARRIORNickname for Hubert Humphrey, with "the"
MINNESOTANHubert Humphrey was one
NOLAAnother nickname for the Big Easy
OLE"___ Miss"; nickname for a university
BRATPACKGroup nickname for Ringwald, Sheedy, Lowe, Estevez et al.
BIGAPPLENickname for New York (3,5)
OLDNICKNickname for the devil (3,4)
KINGJAMESNickname for LeBron
KAYNickname for Catherine
TDOTNickname for Canada's largest city, _-___
OTOWNNickname for Orlando
MRIRRELEVANTNickname for the NFL draft's last pick
ANDSTRIPESNickname for the flag of the United States of America, Stars ... (3,7)
POMNickname for a toy breed also known as the Dwarf Spitz
GRANDOLDPARTYA nickname for the Republican Party in the U. S. since 1880 (5,3,5)
NANSNicknames for moms' moms
GREENHubert -, 1977 US Open golf champion (5)
LYNDONHubert was his veep
HUMPHREYHubert ___, US vice president from 1965-69 (8)
SPROVice president after Hubert
WILKINSPolar explorer George Hubert ___
PUTTINGGREENHubert of the P.G.A.
EDMNDMSKIEHubert Humphrey's running mate, 1968
OLBLUEEYESNickname for #41-Across: 3 wds.
WINSTONSALEMOne of its nicknames is "Camel City"
MOMSHi sign nicknames
OLDWord in many nicknames
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