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Crossword Answers: Nickname-for-Hubert-Humphrey,-with-
HAPPYWARRIORNickname for Hubert Humphrey, with "the"
MINNESOTANHubert Humphrey was one
SHOWMESTATENickname for Missouri
EAGLETNickname for Napoleon II
ABEHonest ___ (nickname for President Lincoln)
BOOB___ tube (nickname for TV)
IKENickname for Eisenhower
COOPNickname for Gary Cooper
ABUZZHumming a nickname for astronaut Aldrin (5)
BOSSNickname for Steinbrenner
LALA___ Land (nickname for Los Angeles): Hyph.
STONEWALLCivil War general Thomas Jonathan Jackson earned this nickname for his unflinching defence at the Ba
POSTAGESTAMP'The ___ ___ Province' (Nickname for Manitoba because of its early shape and small size)
ESSEXKat Moon"s cheeky nickname for Roxy Mitchell in EastEnders (5)
NANSNicknames for moms' moms
GREENHubert -, 1977 US Open golf champion (5)
LYNDONHubert was his veep
HUMPHREYHubert ___, US vice president from 1965-69 (8)
SPROVice president after Hubert
WILKINSPolar explorer George Hubert ___
GIRL"The Material ___" (nickname for 21 Across)
WHIZKIDSYouthful nickname for the 1950 29-Across
PARRYHubert ?, English composer best known for his setting of the William Blake poem Jerusalem (5)
REVERTReturn to former ways by stealing wheel centre from Rev Hubert (6)
DOTOne of Dorothy Parker's nicknames
WINSTONSALEMOne of its nicknames is "Camel City"
MOMSHi sign nicknames
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