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Crossword Answers: Nickname-for-Hubert-Humphrey,-with-
HAPPYWARRIORNickname for Hubert Humphrey, with "the"
MINNESOTANHubert Humphrey was one
DICKNickname for Richard
ROENTGENTROLLNickname for an extremely unpopular X-ray technician?
FABNickname for The Beatles, the ... Four
CHARMCITYNickname for Baltimore
KANGAROOSNickname for members of the Australian rugby league team
HEROOFSANJUANHILL*Nickname for Theodore Roosevelt
AMERICANCINCINNATUS*Nickname for George Washington
THEGREATEMANCIPATOR*Nickname for Abraham Lincoln
THEMANOFTHEPEOPLE*Nickname for Thomas Jefferson
CHAIRMANMOUTHUnflattering nickname for a boastful corporate bigwig?
ISLEThe Emerald ___ (nickname for Ireland)
PATENTPOLENickname for a prolific inventor from Warsaw?
BLIGHTYNickname for Britain or England which comes from the Urdu for "foreign". (7)
SAMADAMSNickname for the beer company that makes Boston Lager: 2 wds.
NANSNicknames for moms' moms
GREENHubert -, 1977 US Open golf champion (5)
LYNDONHubert was his veep
HUMPHREYHubert ___, US vice president from 1965-69 (8)
SPROVice president after Hubert
WILKINSPolar explorer George Hubert ___
PARRYHubert ?, English composer best known for his setting of the William Blake poem Jerusalem (5)
REVERTReturn to former ways by stealing wheel centre from Rev Hubert (6)
DOTOne of Dorothy Parker's nicknames
WINSTONSALEMOne of its nicknames is "Camel City"
BOYCOTTGeoffrey ---, former England cricketer whose nicknames include Fiery and GLY (7)
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