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Crossword Answers: Nickname-for-Hubert-Humphrey,-with-
HAPPYWARRIORNickname for Hubert Humphrey, with "the"
MINNESOTANHubert Humphrey was one
STU"Sanctimonious ___" (Joseph McCarthy's nickname for Senator Symington of Missouri)
HEY"The Say ___ Kid" (nickname for baseball's Willie Mays)
OCHO"The ___" (nickname for ESPN 8, in "Dodgeball")
CHEYENNEAffectionate nickname for Ford Model T (3,6)
JACKOAlternative nickname for the Gloved One
MONEYDRAWERSAndrea Mitchell's nickname for hubby Greenspan?
MAUVEDECADEAnother nickname for the Gay Nineties
LATHAMFrench aviator Hubert
SPIROHe served between Hubert and Gerald
LIBERALIZEHubert Humphrey's peepers?
EDMNDMSKIEHubert Humphrey's running mate, 1968
PUTTINGGREENHubert of the P.G.A.
ISLE"___ of Fury" (1936 Humphrey Bogart movie)
HUBERT'60s veep Humphrey
LARGO'Key ___' (Humphrey Bogart movie)
DRX1939 Humphrey Bogart role
MALTESEFALCON1941 Humphrey Bogart film, with "The"
SAMSPADE1941 Humphrey Bogart role
TISH"Addams Family" nickname
MEATHEAD"All in the Family" nickname
OTTER"Animal House" nickname
SARGE"Beetle Bailey" nickname
PAPI"Big ___," nickname of baseball's David Ortiz
PONCH"CHiPs" nickname
BOGIE"Casablanca" star's nickname

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