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Crossword Answers: Nasal-sounds
SNORESNasal sounds
SNORTSNasal sounds
SNORENasal sound
TWANGNasal sound
SNORTNasal sound
ADENOIDALNotice one laid off had a nasal sound (9)
POLYPSUnwanted nasal growths
POLYPUnwanted nasal growth
SALVOBroadside delivered in nasal voice (5)
NOSEBLEEDNasal haemorrhage
RHINOLOGYScience of nasal diseases (9)
NOSENasal organ (4)
TRUNKElephant's nasal part
NOSTRILNasal opening
SINUSESNasal bone cavities
SEPTUMNasal divider
NOSEBLEEDSNasal hemorrhages
NOSTRILSNasal openings
REEDYThin and nasal in tone
CONTACPopular nasal relief brand
STUFFYNeeding nasal spray
OBOESNasal-sounding instruments
TWANGSNasal tones
SNUFFNasal tobacco
MENTHOLIt"s intended to relieve a nasal passage perhaps deficient (7)
SINUSITISWhat's wrong? States it's a nasal problem (9)
PALATALLike some consonants, as the nasal "n"
ORALNot nasal, phonetically
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