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Crossword Answers: Nasal-sounds
SNORESNasal sounds
SINEXBrand of nasal spray
AFRINBrand of nasal spray
ODORNasal appraisal
AROMANasal appraisal
DRESCHERActress with a famously nasal tone
NEOSYNEPHRINEBrand of nasal decongestant
SINUSCranial cavity connected to the nasal passages
DEADLYSINUSFatal nasal condition?
SEPTALLike a nasal membrane
FRANNasal Drescher
ODORSNasal appraisals
NARISNasal cavity opening
ENSNasal consonants
SEPTANasal dividers
SNEEZENasal explosion
CAVANasal hollows
SNORTNasal laugh
SNORENasal noise
TWANGNasal nuance
BOOGERNasal nugget

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