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Crossword Answers: Narrow-land-formations
ISTHMINarrow land formations
MESASFlat-topped land formations
ISTHMUSNarrow land strip; there's one at Suez and at Panama
SPITSNarrow land projections into the sea
ISTHNarrow land strip, condensed
CHILELong and narrow land
KARSTLand formation known for its caves
SEALEVELLand formation measuring standard
DELTATriangular land formation
CAPESeaside land formation
MESADesert land formation
STALACTITESLimestone cave formations that hang from the roof
STALAGMITESLimestone cave formations made by the dripping of mineral-loaded water onto the floor
SANDPILESConstruction site formations
ARCHIVOLTSThey say Gemmill leaps over fancy formations (10)
ICEBERGSPolar water formations
PICKETLINESStriking formations
OVAMaturation formations
PEEWEEREEFSLilliputian ocean formations?
TERRANESeries of related rock formations
DRIFTSSnow formations
LBARSAngle irons graphically represented by four sets of black squares in this grid, and by letter format
CONESVolcanic formations
BARMSYeast formations
SANDDUNESWindblown formations
HELICESSpiral formations
DUNESSand formations
STALAGMITELimestone cave formation
SEAFLOORSPREADINGFormation of new areas of oceanic crust
MRSUnion formation?
PSORIASISSkin disease characterised by the formation of reddish spots covered with silvery scales (9)
OUTCROPAppearance in formation (7)
MARCHESWalks in formation (7)
COILSnake formation
BREAKDeviate from strict formation thus to find snark? (5,5)
HAILThunderstorm formation, perhaps
ANKLETalus formation
SINGLEFILEUsual line formation

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