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Crossword Answers: Narrow-land-formations
ISTHMINarrow land formations
MESASFlat-topped land formations
NECKSNarrow land links
SPITSNarrow land projections into the sea
ISTHNarrow land strip, condensed
CHILELong and narrow land
ISTHMUSNarrow land strip; there's one at Suez and at Panama
KARSTLand formation known for its caves
SEALEVELLand formation measuring standard
DELTATriangular land formation
CAPESeaside land formation
MESADesert land formation
HUMPSCamel formations
SALTDOMESHalite formations that might be oil reservoirs
UNITESJoins military formations around the East (6)
ELLS90-degree angle formations
GLACIERSFormidable frozen formations
PILESSorting formations
UNITSCan turn into American fighting formations
PEAKSWhipped egg white formations
ROLLERSCanaries ocean formations (7)
SANDPILESConstruction site formations
ICEBERGSPolar water formations
SEDONAArizona city famed for its red sandstone formations
TWELVEAPOSTLESWhat name is given to the limestone formations off the coast of southern Victoria that can be seen f
LADYSArmeria, or thrift, named for its tufted formations (5,7)
VOLCANICCLIFFSSteep formations in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland: 2 wds.
ARCHIVOLTSThey say Gemmill leaps over fancy formations (10)

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