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Crossword Answers: NY-tech.-school-since-1824
RPINY tech. school since 1824
SPCAHumane org. since 1824
YALESchool since 1701
YALEUNew Eng. school since 1701
ARCHIEStudent at Riverdale High School since 1941
ETONEnglish school since 1440
RUGBYBoarding school since 1567
SHOPTech school class
ENGRTech school grad
ENGINEERTech-school grad
AERO___/astro (tech school major, for short)
INSTTech. school
HANDSONTRAININGTech school offering
IESSome tech school grads
POLYPart of many a tech school's name
INSTSTech. schools
PERUIt won independence from Spain in 1824
BEETHOVENSNINTHLudwig's 1824 symphony: 2 wds.
OCTET1824 Schubert work
HENRYCLAYPresidential also-ran in 1824, 1832, and 1844
ENIAC1946 high-tech unveiling
FARMERINTHEDELLAgrarian side of tech VIP Michael?
EMTAmbulance tech.
SULLYThomas -, Lincolnshire-born painter whose works include an 1824 portrait of John Quincy Adams (5)
ERAOF___ Good Feelings (period 1815-1824 when partisan tensions virtually disappeared in US politics)
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