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Crossword Answers: Mythological-giant-with-100-eyes
ARGUSMythological giant with 100 eyes
ASKWith 100-Across, petition
EYEWith 100-Down, surprising revelations
CANWith 100-Down, cutting kitchen tools
GINGERBREADWith 100-Across, image revealed by connecting the circled letters alphabetically
ICEWith 100-Down, did an axel or a lutz
GOOGOLNumber with 100 zeroes
NEILBronco DE Smith with 100+ career sacks
CECILBoy with 100 lice
MELOTTGiant with power
CIGNAHealth care giant with a Tree of Life logo
ATTCommunications giant (with "&")
ENIACGiant with 17,468 vacuum tubes
CSTARRed giant with an abundance of carbon
GUCCIFashion giant with headquarters in Florence
YAHOOInternet giant with an exclamation point in its name
GYGESRing of ___ (mythological Greek artifact that rendered its wearer invisible)
MIDASEverything this mythological Greek king touched turned to gold
ODINMythological deity with two ravens
PARISHPetty mythological abductor with hard footwear (6,4)
OANNESBabylonian mythological creature that was half-man and half-fish (6)
LOTUSEATERMythological daydreamer
LEDAMythological subject of a Michelangelo painting
CLIORenault model with a mythological name

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