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Crossword Answers: Mythological-giant-with-100-eyes
ARGUSMythological giant with 100 eyes
PEACOCKRecipient of Argus's 100 eyes, in myth
MUSICI reckon to retire with 100 to score (5)
GOOGOLNumber with 100 zeroes
NEILBronco DE Smith with 100+ career sacks
CECILBoy with 100 lice
IKEAFurniture giant with a blue and yellow logo
ESPRESSOReps plied oil giant with drink (8)
REDWOODGiant with a big trunk
OPECOil giant with HQ in Vienna
BEDCOVERSSpreads reveal Sir Alec dropping 50% with 100 sets of deliveries(9)
SSTARSRed giants with zirconium oxide in their spectra
ASKWith 100-Across, petition
EYEWith 100-Down, surprising revelations
CANWith 100-Down, cutting kitchen tools
ICEWith 100-Down, did an axel or a lutz
AKHMythological beatified spirit
CHIMERASMythological fire-breathers
LOTUSMythological fruit - lily (5)
SPHINXMythological riddler (6)
DRYADMythological wood nymph (5)
DWARFSmall mythological being (5)
THEMOB"1 vs. 100" group
SAGET"1 vs. 100" host
OWL"100 Acres Wood" resident
GINGERBREADWith 100-Across, image revealed by connecting the circled letters alphabetically
IXIONMythological king punished by Zeus for his love of Hera (5)
THEOGONYMythological work by youth leader on the Goon show (8)

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