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Crossword Answers: Mythological-giant-with-100-eyes
ARGUSMythological giant with 100 eyes
PEACOCKRecipient of Argus's 100 eyes, in myth
GOOGOLNumber with 100 zeroes
NEILBronco DE Smith with 100+ career sacks
CECILBoy with 100 lice
REDWOODGiant with a big trunk
OPECOil giant with HQ in Vienna
MELOTTGiant with power
CIGNAHealth care giant with a Tree of Life logo
ATTCommunications giant (with "&")
ENIACGiant with 17,468 vacuum tubes
SSTARSRed giants with zirconium oxide in their spectra
ASKWith 100-Across, petition
EYEWith 100-Down, surprising revelations
CANWith 100-Down, cutting kitchen tools
ICEWith 100-Down, did an axel or a lutz
RIVERSTYXMythological boundary
GNOMEDwarfish mythological guardian of underground treasure
ORPHEUSMythological figure portrayed as terrible poseur capturing hearts (7)
AMAZONSPenthesilea was a leader of these mythological female warriors
ETHERMythological heaven (5)
THEMOB"1 vs. 100" group
SAGET"1 vs. 100" host
OWL"100 Acres Wood" resident
GINGERBREADWith 100-Across, image revealed by connecting the circled letters alphabetically
TROLLUgly mythological creature; or, someone who posts deliberately provocative messages on the internet.
SCORIATurns up first class mythological birds - it's a release for Etna (6)
SERPENTMythological monster which was supposed to coil around and crush vessels braving deep waters, the se
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