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Crossword Answers: Mythological-giant-with-100-eyes
ARGUSMythological giant with 100 eyes
MELOTTGiant with power
GOOGOLNumber with 100 zeroes
CECILBoy with 100 lice
REDWOODGiant with a big trunk
OPECOil giant with HQ in Vienna
ATTCommunications giant (with "&")
ENIACGiant with 17,468 vacuum tubes
NEILBronco DE Smith with 100+ career sacks
CIGNAHealth care giant with a Tree of Life logo
CSTARRed giant with an abundance of carbon
ASKWith 100-Across, petition
SIRENSMythological temptresses
NAIADMythological water-nymph (5)
EYEWith 100-Down, surprising revelations
CANWith 100-Down, cutting kitchen tools
PARNASSUSMythological home of the Muses (9)
THEMOB"1 vs. 100" group
SAGET"1 vs. 100" host
OWL"100 Acres Wood" resident
GINGERBREADWith 100-Across, image revealed by connecting the circled letters alphabetically
ICEWith 100-Down, did an axel or a lutz
MAEVEMythological Queen Mab's other name shared by author, Ms Binchy
CALLISTORing first love for one of the mythological bears (8)
UNDERWORLDMythological place in which the souls of the dead reside
FIBRILLie back where the mythological children came from with small fibre (6)
CORSETIt's rather tight, fitting-in mythological bird coming back on the television (6)

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