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Crossword Answers: Mysore-masters
SAHIBSMysore masters
MAHARAJAMysore monarch
MAHARAJAHMysore monarch
SITARMysore instrument
SARIMysore garb
SRIMr., in Mysore
SAHIBMaster, in Mysore
PBS"American Masters" network
RCA"His Master's Voice" co.
NIPPER"His Master's Voice" dog
VOICE"His Master's ___"
NEA"Jazz Masters" org.
SHERA"Masters of the Universe" heroine
ORME"The Puppet Masters" director Stuart
HIS"___ Master's Voice"
LUXOREgyptian site said to combine best parts of Lucknow and Mysore? (5)
MAN"No ___ can serve two masters": Matt. 6:24
IAGO"We cannot all be masters, nor all masters / Cannot be truly 'd" speaker

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