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Crossword Answers: Mysore-masters
SAHIBSMysore masters
MAHARAJAMysore monarch
SITARMysore instrument
SARIMysore garb
SRIMr., in Mysore
SAHIBMaster, in Mysore
OLAZABALJose-Maria, 1994 U.S. Masters golf champion (8)
TOASTMasters something from the kitchen? (5)
LOSSOld masters dreamt without deprivation (4)
EXEUNTFormer partner attached to our masters' good book? Get off the stage! (6)
INVOGUELooking back, our masters get green light to make French wine ? it's all the rage (2,5)
USEUPYou and I, the political masters and political leader to finish it (3,2)
EXPERTADVICEHis Master's Voice gives an authority to guidelines (6,6)
AGAMASOttoman official masters with brightly coloured lizards (6)
EUCHREOur masters in Brussels find revolutionary hiding resistance to game which introduced joker (6)
TRAINSPOTTERObsessive outside master's office provides locomotives for Beatrix (12)
SORTGroup medals from old masters (4)
MAELSTROMUpheaval caused by master's merlot (9)
ARTDEPARTMENTWorking environment for old masters presumably produces, for example, the ambassadors of tomorrow? (
ANNALSPities leaving Palestinians something from the four masters (6)
FRONTNINESection of the Masters
EGOCharacter trait of Tom Wolfe's Masters of the Universe
DRAGOTony ___, Maltese winner of the 2003 World Pool Masters Championship (5)
MICKELSONPhil ___, golfer who won the 2010 Masters Tournament (9)
IMMELMANTrevor ___, golfer who won the 2008 US Masters (8)
AWAG"... said the master, who was a bit of ___"--Flaubert
MONEY"A good servant but a bad master": Bacon
HETHE"Is ___ jam master?" (Run-D.M.C. line)
NONE"Jack of all trades, master of ___"
KEN"Jeopardy!" master Jennings
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