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Crossword Answers: Mysore-masters
SAHIBSMysore masters
MAHARAJAMysore monarch
SITARMysore instrument
SARIMysore garb
SRIMr., in Mysore
SAHIBMaster, in Mysore
FRONTNINESection of the Masters
EGOCharacter trait of Tom Wolfe's Masters of the Universe
DRAGOTony ___, Maltese winner of the 2003 World Pool Masters Championship (5)
MICKELSONPhil ___, golfer who won the 2010 Masters Tournament (9)
IMMELMANTrevor ___, golfer who won the 2008 US Masters (8)
FEUDALLORDOld master's dreadful composition "” see inside (6,4)
ROCCACostantino ___, golfer who won the 1997 Canon European Masters (5)
GULLIVERTrina ___, Winmau World Masters darts champion from 2002-05 (8)
COODYCharles ___, 1971 US Masters golf champion (5)
RAFFERTYRonan ___, golfer who won the 1989 Volvo Masters (8)
MARKHENSBYAustralian golfer who won the 2005 Scandinavian Masters (4,6)
APRONGrill master's cover-up
MASTIFFSArt master's pets are dogs (8)
MISSMaster's counterpart
GREMaster's seeker's hurdle, briefly
SRAEdgar Lee Masters masterwork, initially
SEIKOWatch with the old slogan "Modern Masters of Time"
JEDIGroup led by a council of 12 Masters
ARFSMany masters respond to them
WEALTHYLITTLEMaster of impressions, to Roget?
MAGICWANDLittle chap separated from master wizard, about 99, with his staff (5,4)
CONFUCIUSChinese philosopher known as Master Kong
JACKOFALLTRADESVersatile worker though he's not a master of a craft (4,2,3,6)
STREAMMaster moves in current production (6)
HANDGRENADEPart of a Master Gunnery Sergeant insignia
REACHMake master, finally a head (5)
JETSONAstro's master George
HUMANTerm for old German covers master race's member (5)
BEELZEBUBTempter of mankind; master of Hell (9)
NORMMalaprop master Crosby
STREEPActress known for her ability to master a wide range of accents
PITUITARIESMaster endocrine glands
MARCELMARCEAUMaster of silence
PASSKEYSMaster openers
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