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Crossword Answers: Musical-mixture
MASHUPMusical mixture
OLIOMusical mixture
MEDLEYMusical mixture
ALLSORTSMixture (of liquorice sweets?) (3-5)
MAGNITUDEImportance of eating mud mixture (9)
AMIDEI made chemical mixture (5)
PREDOMINANTSuperior mixture of modern paint (11)
BASTECook beats a mixture
SHANDYBeer and lemonade mixture
BESMEARBedaub with Ma's beer mixture (7)
UNITESSolders, maybe, use tin mixture (6)
LETHALAll the mixture is deadly
BABELConfused mixture of sounds
LINCTUSCough mixture
MULCHSoil-enriching mixture
POIMaui mixture
OPINEExpress point of view on pie mixture (5)
GARAMMASALA Indian spice mixture - am a gas alarm (anag) (5,6)
HASHISHHis mixture linked with the stew pot! (7)
EGGWASHMixture brushed onto pastry dough before baking
ENNOBLEDOne blend - mixture given title?
ANISEEDI look inside and find cordial mixture (7)
GUITARSInstruments finds it in sugar mixture (7)
FORMULAEThey show how to make a mixture of rum and ale
BOUQUETGARNIMixture of herbs in a small bag, used in cooking (7,5)
THEOREMMother takes eastern mixture to make her proposition (7)
UNFAIRNot just a mixture of fun and music (6)
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