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Crossword Answers: Musical-mixture
MEDLEYMusical mixture
MASHUPMusical mixture
POIMaui mixture
FORMULAEThey show how to make a mixture of rum and ale
BOUQUETGARNIMixture of herbs in a small bag, used in cooking (7,5)
THEOREMMother takes eastern mixture to make her proposition (7)
MARINATEDSoaked food in a mixture before cooking (9)
CAKEMixture of flour, sugar, eggs and fat (4)
CUSTARDCooked mixture of milk and eggs (7)
GRAVELStone mixture for paths (6)
KIRMixture of white wine and cassis (3)
HYDROGENPig swallows dry mixture from scenic centre - it's gas! (8)
PURPLEMixture of red and blue (6)
ONPAPERPropane mixture works out in theory (2,5)
PARSLEYPersillade is a mixture of chopped garlic and this herb
AQUAYellow corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid used to dissolve metals (4,5)
POTTINGCOMPOSTMixture used for growing plants in containers (7,7)
MOCHAChocolate/coffee mixture (5)
LPGFuel made from a mixture of hydrocarbon gases (1,1,1)
MUESLIMixture usually eaten. Seems logical, initially (6)
HALFANDHALFMixture of two things in equal proportions (4-3-4)
MOTLEYAn incongruous mixture
STUFFINGMixture of ingredients used to fill meats and vegetables (8)
NOUGATAerated mixture of sucrose and corn syrup
TARMixture of hydrocarbons and free carbon
BRINESalty mixture
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