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Crossword Answers: Musical-mixture
MASHUPMusical mixture
OLIOMusical mixture
MEDLEYMusical mixture
NUTRITIONMixture I turn into food (9)
PULSATEBeat up stale mixture (7)
INFERImply it's a finer mixture
OTHERWISEEither sow mixture or else? (9)
PILAFRice mixture
ALLOCATEDistribute mixture of local tea
PRALINEPlainer mixture used in confectionery (7)
FLIPAlcoholic mixture fellow added to sauce (4)
GOOSEChuck in a couple of clots for creamy mixture (10,4)
FORTUNESMixture of unrest concerns lots of money (8)
DISPENSARYI"d press any mixture where medicines are made up (10)
FAIRJust fluorine and a mixture of gases
UNALLOYEDPure, not a blend or mixture
GRENADINENeed grain mixture for sweet red syrup (9)
FIREDAMPMixture of gases, chiefly methane, found in coal mines (8)
MISTREATBeat up and stir mixture to break up meat (8)
KEDGEREEMixture reeked e.g. of fish and rice (8)
CATERERRetrace mixture and he may provide for you (7)
REARRare mixture found out the back (4)
MUCILAGEGluey mixture of carbohydrates in plants (8)
PAPYRUSFather uses syrup mixture for writing on! (7)
GETALONGMake progress despite talon being covered in egg mixture (3,5)
CADMIUMMum! Acid mixture is electro-plating element (7)
DIAMONDI'm an odd mixture - can be rough but still valuable (7)
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