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Crossword Answers: Musical-mixture
MEDLEYMusical mixture
MASHUPMusical mixture
OLIOMusical mixture
NUTRITIONMixture I turn into food (9)
PULSATEBeat up stale mixture (7)
INFERImply it's a finer mixture
OTHERWISEEither sow mixture or else? (9)
MIREPOIXMixture of sauteed root vegetables used as a base for braising meat (8)
VARIETIESSee trivia as a mixture of different items
WALLPAPERRaw apple mixture (about a pound) used in mural decoration (9)
TARTANSAn individual pastry case with a filling of fruit or other sweet or savoury mixture (7)
CAREFULCautious addition of fuel mixture to vehicle (7)
SPRITZERMixture of wine and soda water (8)
RISSOLEMixture of meat and spices coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried (7)
CREOSOTEColourless liquid mixture distilled from wood tar used as an antiseptic (8)
EMERGINGGet me ginger mixture coming out ... (8)
FOOLISHSilly enough to wear a motley mixture? (7)
HUEANDCRYHandy cure mixture leads to public furore (3,3,3)
FLIPAlcoholic mixture fellow added to sauce (4)
GOOSEChuck in a couple of clots for creamy mixture (10,4)
FORTUNESMixture of unrest concerns lots of money (8)
DISPENSARYI"d press any mixture where medicines are made up (10)
FAIRJust fluorine and a mixture of gases
UNALLOYEDPure, not a blend or mixture
GRENADINENeed grain mixture for sweet red syrup (9)
FIREDAMPMixture of gases, chiefly methane, found in coal mines (8)
MISTREATBeat up and stir mixture to break up meat (8)
ALESPub mixtures
RUBSMeat seasoning mixtures
SMOGSHaze/pollution mixtures
DYESVat mixtures
SOILSPotting mixtures
MUDSSome spa mixtures
ORRISFlorentine iris root powder used in Ras el Hanout spice mixtures
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