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Crossword Answers: Movie-set-worker
GAFFERMovie set worker
KEYGRIPMovie set worker
GRIPFilm set worker
TAXIDRIVER1976 movie set in New York
DINER1982 Barry Levinson movie set in Baltimore
TRON1982 movie set in a computer
SKELETONCOAST1989 Ernest Borgnine movie set in Africa
BLACKRAIN1989 Michael Douglas movie set in Japan
RUDY1993 football movie set at Notre Dame
DAYLIGHT1996 Sylvester Stallone disaster movie set in a tunnel under the Hudson River
ARARAT2002 Atom Egoyan movie set in Armenia
ATL2006 movie set in Georgia
TIMOTHYBottoms out on the movie set?
REARWINDOWClassic movie set in Greenwich Village
METROEddie Murphy movie set in San Francisco
GOFERFlunky on a movie set, e.g.
KRAYSFreaky 1990 movie set in London, with "The"
NOTHINGFLAT"... in ___": auto garage worker
STOKER"Dracula" creator or furnace worker
DOOZER"Fraggle Rock" construction worker
EDITOR"Golfweek" worker
NEWMAN"Seinfeld" postal worker
ASSISTANTEDITOR"Self"-centered worker?
TNERNIEFORD"Sixteen Tons" singer, to a postal worker?
OKIE"The Grapes of Wrath" worker
NORTON"The Honeymooners" sewer worker
KELLER"The Miracle Worker" role
HELENKELLER"The Miracle Worker" subject
MIRACLE"The ___ Worker"
WHATADAY"Whew!" to an office worker
BANKTELLER*Worker in a cage

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