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Crossword Answers: Movie-set-worker
GAFFERMovie set worker
KEYGRIPMovie set worker
HALLEStorm off a movie set?
ARGOAward-winning 2012 movie set in Iran
BUFFALOHUNTFlummox Helen on a movie set?
HATARIJohn Wayne movie set in Kenya
GRIPMovie set mover
ANTZ1998 animated movie set in a colony
MIDNIGHTEXPRESS1978 movie set in a Turkish prison
FACADEMovie set structure
PROPSMovie set items
GRIPSMovie set aides
CRANEMovie set vehicle
SALOONWestern movie set
TAKESThey're numbered on a movie set
RETAKEShoot over, on a movie set
EGOSMovie-set clashers
ACTORSMovie set?
DIEHARD1988 movie set in the Nakatomi Plaza building
DIN"Gunga __" (movie set in colonial British India)
IDOLProp for a movie set in a jungle
TORAWhen tripled, a 1970 war movie set in Hawaii
PETULIA1968 Julie Christie movie set in San Francisco
BLUELAGOONWith "The," 1980 movie set on a South Sea island
IROBOTWill Smith movie set in Chicago in 2035
CAMERAMENFilm set workers
TOTALRECALLSchwarzenegger flick set on Mars
BOYSINTHEATTICLittle Rascals flick set upstairs?
TRONDisney flick set inside a computer
REDSBeatty flick set in Russia
BEANSEASONFlick set on a legume farm? (with "The")
URBANCOWBOY1980 Travolta/Winger flick set in a Houston honky-tonk
HRS"48___." (Murphy/Nolte action flick)
LAO"7 Faces of Dr. ___" (1964 flick)
ONELM"A Nightmare ___ Street" (1984 horror flick): 2 wds.
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