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Crossword Answers: Movie-set-worker
KEYGRIPMovie set worker
GAFFERMovie set worker
EGOSomething big on a movie set?
INDEPENDENCEDAY1996 movie set in Nevada's Area 51
SIDEWAYS2004 movie set in California's wine country
HALLEStorm off a movie set?
ARGOAward-winning 2012 movie set in Iran
BUFFALOHUNTFlummox Helen on a movie set?
HATARIJohn Wayne movie set in Kenya
GRIPMovie set mover
ANTZ1998 animated movie set in a colony
MIDNIGHTEXPRESS1978 movie set in a Turkish prison
FACADEMovie set structure
PROPSMovie set items
GRIPSMovie set aides
HOTCame a ... Friday was a 1985 movie set in postwar New Zealand (3)
UPINCENTRALPARK1948 Deanna Durbin movie set in the Big Apple
BIGCROWDSCENEExtra extras are needed on a movie set for one: 3 wds.
CROCODILEDUNDEE1986 movie set partly in the Australian Outback
STANDANDDELIVER1988 movie set in a Southern California high school
HERDERRICKMANHans Gruber portrayer in "Die Hard" starring in a movie set at a sheep ranch?
LEIGHSHOVESYOUWhat happens after getting in Vivien's way on a movie set?
DIEHARD1988 movie set in the Nakatomi Plaza building
DIN"Gunga __" (movie set in colonial British India)
IDOLProp for a movie set in a jungle
TORAWhen tripled, a 1970 war movie set in Hawaii
CAMERAMENFilm set workers
ANTHEMMusic sets worker on edge (6)
LOTMovie sets %26 sound stage area
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