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Crossword Answers: Most-elementary-school-students,-e.g
PRETEENSMost elementary school students, e.g.
BOXOFCRAYONSElementary school student's item
AGEMATESFellow students, e.g.
LADSEton students, e.g.
EDUEnd of a student's e-mail addr.
BARPassing the ___; law school student's goal
TEXTMESSAGINGCommon activity among high school students
BUSEDTransported, like school students
SRSCertain high school students (Abbr.)
PREPPIESBoarding-school students
CADETSMilitary school students
PENCILSHARPENERMiddle school student's item
BALLPOINTPENHigh school student's item
HOOKERSSome golf school students
TEENERSHigh school students
POSTERINALOCKERHigh school student's decoration, perhaps
TEENSDriving-school students, usually
LITTLEROCKNINEHigh-school students who defied opponents of integration in 1957
PREPSPrivate elementary schools, in Britain
BOYSWord on some doors in elementary schools
PREPPIEBoarding school student, perhaps
BOYEton student, e.g.
PARALLELPARKINGChallenge for a driving school student
UNIONSCredit and student, e.g.
TEENCENTSChange for a high school student?
EXPELLERPrincipal ousting a student, e.g.
PRIMERElementary textbook
NOBLEGASESElementary sextet
SODIUMDislike being on Holmes' tail? It's elementary
THIRDElementary school grade
ISOTOPEI really drink hard, needing elementary variety (7)
STICKMENMany elementary school art figures
NICKELElementary coin?
HONORROLLA student's place
DEANSLISTA student's place
POSITRONElementary particle of antimatter with the same mass as an electron, but a positive charge (8)
MARMHead of the class, in pioneer schools
COURSECore of schools covered by bad language syllabus (6)
AUDITORIAThey are found in schools
ALFREDNOBEL"He was my prize student"
THETRAMPOLINE"Don't forget ___ of all those student protestors in Tiananmen Square a few years back, pardon my pu
TREYPARKER"South Park" co-creator whose student film was "Cannibal! The Musical"
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