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Crossword Answers: Most-discerning
SAGESTMost discerning
WISESTMost discerning
ASTUTESTWhen in Paris, you prove to be most discerning (8)
WISERMore discerning
CHOOSIERMore discerning
SAGERMore discerning
TRAINEDEYEDiscerning vision
DARTCONNOISSEURDiscerning pub competitor?
EARDiscerning musical taste
OVERLOOKINGNot discerning
UNOBSERVANTNot discerning
UNPERCEPTIVENot discerning
NEGLIGENTNot discerning
DISREGARDFULNot discerning
MAKEOUTSeek to give a false idea, as discerning people do (4,3)
EAGLEEYEDA joy almost certainly found in journalist that's discerning
RATTATKnock what the discerning vermin wouldn't buy? (3-3)
NOTICINGDiscerning mixture of gin and tonic (8)
DRIVINGLICENCESIdentification means Conservative discerning veil, controversially (7,8)
FINEROne who imposes penalty is more discerning (5)

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