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Crossword Answers: Most-Iraqis,-e.g
SHIITESMost Iraqis, e.g.
ARABSIraqis, e.g.
SAUDIIraqi's neighbor
KUWAITIIraqi's neighbor
TURKSIraqis' neighbors
KURDAbout one in six Iraqis
KURDSNorthern Iraqis
SAUDISNeighbors of Kuwaitis, Iraqis and Jordanians
MESOPOTAMIANIraqi's ancestor
ASIANSIranis and Iraqis
ASIAHome to Israelis, Iranis, Indians and Iraqis
IRANIANSetter fled with Iraqi's last article from Tehran (7)
IDOLISERSThose worshipping fantastic soldiers protecting Iraqi's right (9)
CASUALTIESOFWAR"We'll escape unscathed, but for the Iraqis, there will be many ___."

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