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Crossword Answers: More-irregular
ODDERMore irregular
VERBSThey may be irregular
LOCOMentally irregular (slang)
OMITTEDIrregular diet Tom left out (7)
STREAKSIrregular stripes
PARTISANAspirant upset irregular soldier
ORDERNo irregular command (5)
GUERRLLAIrregular soldier (8)
BRIEIrregular features of Bernice's cheese (4)
SKYLINELike New York's irregular silhouette? (7)
UNREASONNouns are irregular? Nonsense! (8)
SHAPESFigures indicate irregular phases (6)
BRONCORob irregular corporal of horse (6)
LAMBENTLicking strike that's irregular (7)
SECTIONALCoastline irregular in parts (9)
VITUSOne produces irregular, involuntary movements in this saintly dance
SWEETENERIrregular payment of small figure in London area? Right
NEOLITHTip of tool piercing irregular hole in ancient artefact (7)
SIERRAA range of mountains (usually with jagged peaks and irregular outline).
NEWSREADERSoldiers in irregular wars need someone to provide intelligence (10)
CHESHIRECATIrregular act by recipient of VC, one for ever smiling (8,3)
ASCENSIONIrregular noises can be experienced in lift-off (9)
ALFRESCOOpen rising of the French irregular forces (8)
CASUALTIESIrregular liaisons result in people being hurt (10)
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