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Crossword Answers: More-irregular
ODDERMore irregular
GOUNSLarge irregular blobs
ROSTERList a resort as irregular (6)
SPLODGEIrregular blot (7)
WAYWARDIrregular road with room for improvement
ODDJOBIrregular way to get paid
DOGGERELIrregular verses in burlesque poetry (8)
SHAPEForm irregular heaps (5)
RIPRAPIrregular foundation stones
GLITCHESIrregular faults in machines (8)
SPLASHFall in irregular drops (6)
GUERRILLAIrregular army member (9)
CAMIrregular rotor
LIMPIrregular walk (4)
KANGAROOCOURTIrregular trial venue
SERSpanish irregular verb
SILLADARIndian irregular cavalryman who provides his own horse and arms (8)
INMOSTExtremely Secret Army avoiding ransom? It's irregular
THRASHOUTIrregular hours that are needed to negotiate
ANOMALYLoan may get arranged, though it's irregular (7)
DREARIESTDoctor finds irregular eater is most dull
RESIDUEWhat"s left of irregular rise owing (7)
NEPALPlane takes irregular course to Himalayan state (5)
ICONIt's symbolic of an irregular sequence of discounts (4)
OBSERVANTQuick to see a verb's not irregular
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