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Crossword Answers: More-irregular
ODDERMore irregular
GLITCHESIrregular faults in machines (8)
SPLASHFall in irregular drops (6)
GUERRILLAIrregular army member (9)
CAMIrregular rotor
LIMPIrregular walk (4)
KANGAROOCOURTIrregular trial venue
SERSpanish irregular verb
INKBLOTSIrregular test patterns
ASISSales tag on irregular goods
GUERILLAIrregular fighter (Var.)
ICEFALLIrregular glacial mass
AMOEBICRoundish with an irregular border
SALEITEMIrregular, often
TOBEVerb that's irregular in many languages
JIGSAWTool for irregular cutting
SCRAPPAPERSome irregular sheets
RESIDUEWhat"s left of irregular rise owing (7)
NEPALPlane takes irregular course to Himalayan state (5)
ICONIt's symbolic of an irregular sequence of discounts (4)
FILIBUSTERUse of irregular tactics to prevent the adoption of a measure
STDNot irregular: Abbr.
ACCEPTEDNot irregular
OBSERVANTQuick to see a verb's not irregular
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