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Crossword Answers: More-erratic
WACKIERMore erratic
MOODIERMore erratic
PULLOVERTop policeman's order for erratic motorist
HAYWIREErratic, crazy (7)
VAGARYErratic action (6)
UNEVENLYIn an erratic way
BUSSteinbeck's erratic vehicle
AIRERClothes-horse causes a bit of unfair, erratic judgement (5)
TIERHybrid car with this belt could be erratic (4)
WANDERINGFailing to take snooker ball back is erratic (9)
ENDOWMENTPOLICYWomen tend to be erratic with course of action for long-term provision (9,6)
SCATTERBRAINEDErratic and best represented as dotty (14)
TONYBLAIRTory? Lib? An erratic politician ... (4,5)
EXPOSEDShowed speedo times to be erratic (7)
UNEVENIn June Venetian weather is erratic (6)
EARLYErratic layer is the bird that gets the worm! (5)
DIALFace erratic form by returning legendary horse in 25's work (4,1,3,6)
OKOTOKSTown S of Calgary with "glacial erratic" rock
TRINKETSmall article produced by an erratic knitter (7)
AVIATORReturn list via erratic early flyer (7)
KALEIDOSCOPEErratic poke around oilcase for director with optical toy (12)
MUESLILarge number to use erratic facilities at the centre for early morning energy (6)
HITANDMISSErratic job for assassin as well as teacher (3-3-4)
ROLLERBrightly-coloured Old World bird such as the European ___ or Lilac-breasted ___ with an erratic disp
RATRodent is erratic when Eric's not around (3)
OVALSNot rounds used in an erratic salvo

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