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Crossword Answers: Month-after-diciembre
ENEROMonth after diciembre
MAYMonth after April
AUGUSTMonth after July
AOUTMonth after juillet
JUNEThe month after May (4)
AUGMonth after July (abbr.)
DECMonth after Nov.
FIRSTOFFEBRUARYOne month after New Year's
APRILThe month after March (5)
XMASIt's about a month after Turkey Day
DAYSANDDAYSMonth after month
JUNIOMonth after mayo
OCTMonth after summer's end: Abbr.
ABRILMonth after marzo
MARCHMonth after leap day
SITCOMSMonth after month one's put up with Sweden's programmes (7)
MARYJANEName given to cannabis "horse" about a month after unknown (4,4)
CEDESurrender a month after retreat, end of battle (4)
TRANSEPTMonth after one thrown from vehicle, find wing in church (8)
ASEPTICFirst day of month after a cold? Healthy if this (7)
USTINOVOld raconteur seen one month after the second half of another? (7)
SEVENTHOFJUNELucky child of the month after D-Day (7,2,4)
WARMTHOn getting away during the month after fighting requires kindness (6)
WATTLEAustralian acacia, its day is celebrated on the first of September, oddly a month after the best flo
SHEBATSMonths after Tebets
ADARSMonths after Shebats
MILLENNIUMWorks roughly nine months after university A lot longer than that (10)
BYEARHow to play when improvising for twelve months after 3rd February (2,3)
YOUTUBECompany sold in 2006 for $1.65 billion - 21 months after it was founded

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