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Crossword Answers: Money-for-Mason
RETAINERMoney for Mason
CASEJob for Mason
LONGSHOREMANNew position for Mason Leghorn
DEBI"Money for Nothing" actress Mazar
MTV"Money for Nothing" desire
ADAGE"Time is money," for one
OHSHEILA1985 Ready for the World hit that knocked "Money for Nothing" out of the #1 spot
TOOTHA fairy may leave money for it
SAVEUPAccumulate money (for)
BURNADEBTPETERSActress who doesn't like owing money for too long?
PAYOLABribe money for a deejay
STARTUPCOSTBusiness seed money for a maze?
WASHINGTONGRANTFederal money for a project?
REDEEMGet money for
SELLCHEROOTGet money for a cigar?
CASHESGets money for (with "in")
PREPAYSGives money for in advance
IRAGolden years money, for short
PAMELAActress Mason
MARSHAActress Mason
GAS"Classical ___" (1968 Mason Williams hit)
TRIAL"Perry Mason" feature
TRAGG"Perry Mason" police lieutenant
IMETA"___ Murderer" (James Mason film)
SIOUXCITY... I'd send Perry Mason to ___
ODDMANOUT1947 James Mason thriller
CAPTAINNEMO1954 James Mason role
NEMO1954 Mason role
RENDERERActor or mason
MARSHASActress Mason and playwright Norman

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