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Crossword Answers: Money-for-Mason
RETAINERMoney for Mason
LONGSHOREMANNew position for Mason Leghorn
CASEJob for Mason
TOPBRASSBetter money for those in authority (3,5)
BRASSMoney for officers (5)
SPONSORPut up money for godfather (7)
COINMoney for stamp (4)
GRAVYSort of boat you need money for
LEGALTENDERMoney for guardian appointed by court?
SHORTBREADUnderfunded, needing money for food item (10), for short
GRANDA lot of money for a piano
ACCUMULATORBet that could win lots of money for a miser (11)
HONESTBROKERFrank has no money for writing to impartial mediator (6,6)
PEANUTSingular example of very little money for fruit
CASHEWNutty oil-producer provides money for point-to-point (6)
RAFFLESGentleman burglar held to raise money for charity (7)
INVESTMENTBlockade as a way of employing money for profit? (10)
PAYSLIPSProvide money for women's clothes from wages (8)
RIOGRANDEIn Brazil, big money for energy divides parts of Mexico and America (3,6)
EUROPEANSPaddy Irishman, Paddy Englishman and Paddy Scotchman perhaps offering money for what princess felt g
BANKRATEIt's to do with interest in holding money for informer on ecstasy (4,4)
MANYCountless numbers produced money for a city in America (4)
DOLEOUTSounds like there's no money for not working at party for the French on holiday (4,3)
TROWELPRICECompany that sets costs for masons?
TROWELMason"s tool (6)
COURTROOMDRAMAPerry Mason story, e.g.
FIREMARSHAGive Mason the ax?
STATEBORDERMason-Dixon line, e.g.
WILDGOOSECASEFarm job for Perry Mason?
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