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Crossword Answers: Money-for-Mason
RETAINERMoney for Mason
LONGSHOREMANNew position for Mason Leghorn
CASEJob for Mason
NOTEMoney for one on the staff
BRAISENote more money for cook
DOLLARMoney for girl's toy, a redhead
CASHEDGot money for, as a check
PAYA bit of money for father (3)
INTERESTMoney for nothing
LOLLYMoney for a sticky sweet!
SHORTLacking money for a drink of spirits
MAGS"Time" and "Money", for short
FARTHINGSOld money for distant objects (9)
TELLERHe pays out money for an informer (6)
SWIMSmall women"s group needs money for float (4)
MUSTHas to put out Money for Nothing (4)
BUDGETEDANINCHAllocated enough money for a very small tattoo, say?
PRINCIPALMoney for the head of the college (9)
EMBEZZLEROne violates a trust by taking money for their own use (9)
ARAINYDAYWise advice to save money for a time in the future when it may be needed, save for ... (1,5,3)
UNFEELINGCallous subordinate gets money for the German (9)
SPORRANHanger-on holding money for a Scotsman (7)
DIMENot much money for the girl and me (4)
PEANUTSNot a lot of money for snack food
TROWELPRICECompany that sets costs for masons?
STONEWALLINGMason"s obstructive work in Parliament? (12)
RICHESMason leaves marchioness with wealth (6)
LIDMason jar's cover
DIAMONDSMason did badly on the cards (8)
TROWELMason"s tool (6)
DRAKEAlong with Della Street, private detective Paul ..., played by William Hopper, helped Perry Mason wi
BANKHEADCritic John Mason Brown advised of her performance in 1937, "Tallulah ... barged down the Nile last
ALLANIn the 1953 animation of The Tell-Tale Heart, James Mason is the narrator and Stanley Baker is the v
IRONSIDEFormer Perry Mason star Raymond Burr played this wheelchair-bound retired detective in the long-runn
THECENTREOld-fashioned fantasy-adventure from Jules Verne of a daring expedition (headed by James Mason in th
MOANSMason gets out of order and complains (5)
WITHYOUJean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore and James Mason starred in the 1938 Oscar winner, You Can't Take It .
BLUEMAXThe ___, 1966 war film starring George Peppard and James Mason (4,3)
STONEYARDWhere a mason works, reflectively? Yes, no two ways about it (5,4)
ASTARISBORNMuch filmed story, the 1954 version of which starred James Mason and Judy Garland (1,4,2,4)
GEORGY1966 comedy-drama film starring James Mason, Alan Bates and Lynn Redgrave (6,4)
CASHMEREFabric produced only when money's shown first
EUROSAcross-the-Pond moneys
ITSONME"Your money's no good here!"
GOLDDIGGERMoney's the name of her game
ATEALOTGot one's money's worth at the buffet
ACQUITWhere money's deposited and left free of charge (6)
EXACTOROnce in the theatre he demands his money's worth
SHEKELGirl goes to Kildare with novice for money's worth in Israel (6)
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