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Crossword Answers: Money-for-Mason
RETAINERMoney for Mason
LONGSHOREMANNew position for Mason Leghorn
CASEJob for Mason
TRAMBit of extra money for public transport
LARGEBig money for new gear
BUCKOppose money for statesman (4)
FINANCESProvides money for (8)
THRIFTHow to save money for plant? (6)
CORNBREADElements get money for food (9)
TENNERSMoney for singers, it's said
PRETTYPENNYLarge amount of money for beautiful girl
DUELExpected money for a fight
WANTAGEMoney for job when worker is in town (7)
APRETTYPENNYLots of money for a charming writer from American city (1,6,5)
TRUDEAUReal money for the Speaker or PM (7)
FANFAREAdmirer finds money for travel with a flourish
FRANCEOld money for English leader from the country (6)
HOTFAVOURITEIs everyone betting on its making money for the Indian restaurant?
FORTUNEA lot of money for a bit of music (7)
RECOVERSObtains money for injury and gets better (8)
HYENASHas obtained Japanese money for laughing scavengers (6)
COMPROMISEDoctor S Cooper: 'I'm accepting money for accommodation'
RUPEEMoney for old record that's turned up in French street (5)
RELICEric runs out of money for a keepsake (5)
TROWELPRICECompany that sets costs for masons?
NICKMason of Pink Floyd
NORTHERNERDweller above the Mason Dixon
LOLITAControversial 1962 movie starring James Mason (6)
LINEMason-Dixon ___
SEALERMason jar
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