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Crossword Answers: Money-for-Mason
RETAINERMoney for Mason
LONGSHOREMANNew position for Mason Leghorn
CASEJob for Mason
SEDIMENTTold to go collecting money for deposit
NOBLECAUSERaising money for a children's hospital, say
SHOESTRINGCASHMoney for fast-food fries?
BUYPay money for
ACMESExperts bagging money for peak achievements
PUNTMoney for boat (4)
CHAMBERTINLegislative body has money for wine (10)
HADDOCKHad to deduct money for North Atlantic fish (7)
PAYPACKETSThey include money for workers to put tar on boats (3-7)
NOISETTEI laid in money for piece of meat (8)
SPECULATIONA more or less risky investment of money for the sake of unusually large profits (11)
PUBLICANBird has no energy to collect dole money for the landlord (8)
EPIPHANYLine up dynasty with Asian money for church festival (8)
FUNDRAISEA US friend arranged to collect money for charity (9)
DOGFISHGood, if backed in money, for a shark (7)
OVERFUNDGive too much money for dodgy Devon fur
LIBERTINEInitially looked into borrowing before accepting money for rake
APPRAISEJudge gets more money for starting application (8)
TANNEROld money for a man who got to hide (6)
BLACKBREADB-be without money for a German staple (5,5)
TROWELPRICECompany that sets costs for masons?
NORTHERNERDweller above the Mason Dixon
LOLITAControversial 1962 movie starring James Mason (6)
LINEMason-Dixon ___
SEALERMason jar
DASOpponents for Perry Mason, for short
GRANDMASTERChess expert - senior mason (5,6)

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