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Crossword Answers: Moderate-policy
CENTRISMModerate policy
TRAPEZEHazard, said moderate swinger (7)
MENSHEVIKSModerate Russian revolutionaries (10)
TEPIDITYModerate warmth
TEMPERAMENTModerate meant to control disposition (11)
SCEPTRESRespects moderate symbols of authority (8)
BREEZELight to moderate wind (6)
ZEROTOLERANCE"No second chances" policy
ONE"___ China" policy
NHU1960s U.S. policy critic, Madame ___
DETENTE1970's policy
LAISSEZFAIREA noninterference policy
NOMENAll-female group's policy
APARTHEIDBygone policy
FREETRADECertain economic policy
PRIXFIXECharging policy
ADMISSIONCONTROLCollege overcrowding prevention policy?
USEITORLOSEITCommon policy on vacation time
ADHERETOComply with, as policy
BADTEMPERReturning digital radio to moderate irascibility (3,6)
DETERPut off by Mao leaving moderate (5)
TEMPERAModerate a sort of emulsion for painting (7)
NEAR- gale; a moderate-to-high wind of force 7 on the Beaufort scale (4)
WHETSExcites hothead among former moderate Conservatives (5)
OPENSEASONStart to moderate a kind of free-for-all (4,6)
WESTSIDELeading Conservative is briefly among the moderate ones with former date for show from 10 and partne
PUSHCHAIREncourage moderate transport for the young (9)
CONTINENTQuite pleased about batting being moderate (9)
EASELModerate money providing support for teacher (5)
GIRONDERiver of moderate import eroding fragments (7)
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