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Crossword Answers: Moderate-policy
CENTRISMModerate policy
TIEDBound to be moderate diet (4)
CANTERSModerate paces
JOGRun at a moderate pace
SCROPMOUNTAINGranite dome in Georgia [moderate]
ILLTEMPERSurliness I shall moderate (3,6)
OMEGARuns at a moderate pace
SOMEWHATTo a moderate degree (8)
GOLDENMEANPrinciple that's moderate, or humble (6,4)
TROTSModerate gaits
OCHERModerate yellow-orange
SEXTETModerate-sized chamber group
INDULGENTNot moderate
TERRIFICNot moderate
EXCESSIVENot moderate
VIOLENTNot moderate
HARDCORENot moderate
INTENSENot moderate
SEVERENot moderate
ZEALOTNot moderate
TROTSKYA red making moderate progress against the blue? (7)
EXTENUATEOld gallery gets directions to turn moderate
OFTENERModerate losing head with ruler on more occasions (7)
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