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Crossword Answers: Mix-up-among-the-peas
PODSHUFFLEMix-up among the peas?
SHAREDivvy up among the group
PESETASOld currency set found in the peas (7)
VERITIESDress up among struggles for basic facts (8)
SPURIOUSTurning up among ours, is unfortunately a fake (8)
PUREEPulp the peas
PODSKeepers of the peas
PODKeeper of the peas
ECLIPSEOver-shadowing kissers in EEC mix-up (7)
EXCLAIMThunderclap curtailed in Eastern mix-up (7)
THEMUPPETSAnimal and friends that are felt up, among those friendly creatures? (3,7)
OVERTHECOUNTERWhat's up among public opposing how some drugs are sold? (4,3,7)
PIECEOFADVICEIf I were you I'd start with the peas, so to speak, on the side (5,2,6)
EXITVISAFormer visit a total mix-up - one needed to leave? (4,4)
AGGRAVATEDGreg 'ad a VAT mix-up that made matters worse (10)
PUDDLEWhine about theologian's mix up of clay and sand (6)
FULLComplete mix-up, made haste with a call for top speed (4,5,5)
AMRITSARIndian city causing mix up in West Country river, but not the capital (8)
CONFUCIANSDevotees of old Chinese whisper mix-ups (10)
MUDDLESMix-ups (7)
STPATRICKTimely subject of five mix-ups in this puzzle
BLENDERSCauses of many mix-ups?
MESSESBig mix-ups
ANDERSENDanish author who wrote fairy tales including The Emperor's New Clothes, The Little Mermaid, The Nig
POINCIANATropical tree of the pea family with large showy red flowers (9)
SKIERSlalom competitor stole peas from captain (5)
TAPSTERBartender rarely serving peas, we're told, covered in potato
PEANUTSChicken feed or goober peas
DESPAIREDGave up hope of diversifying dried peas (9)

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