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Crossword Answers: Mix-up-among-the-peas
PODSHUFFLEMix-up among the peas?
SHAREDivvy up among the group
PIECEOFADVICEIf I were you I'd start with the peas, so to speak, on the side (5,2,6)
PUREEPulp the peas
PODSKeepers of the peas
PODKeeper of the peas
PRESUMETake it for granted that it's a supreme mix-up (7)
AWLCobbler's tool in legal mix-up (3)
ENMESHMix up chameleons dropping coal (6)
GRANDIOSEMr Big Dinner's style gets old relative to make do with Science Energy Ireland mix up (9)
EMPORIUMMix up memoir selling variety in store (8)
FASCINATEDon't bore F's with mix-up at Nice (9)
TOODEAROverpriced mix-up at rodeo (3,4)
MESSAGESMix-up about learned communications (8)
OLIOBig mix-up?
EXPLAINNot mix up
EYEDBlack-___ peas
AESOPMushy peas entertaining old story-teller
APPEASESGains good will when apes swallow their peas (8)
TILERSlater was a tippler but he dropped his peas (5)
IAMWill.___ of the Black Eyed Peas
STRAINEDLike a baby's peas
PUN"Whirled peas" is one
BRAES"... among the green ___": Burns
ALORD"...___ among wits": S. Johnson

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