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Crossword Answers: Mix-up-among-the-peas
PODSHUFFLEMix-up among the peas?
SHAREDivvy up among the group
PODKeeper of the peas
PODSKeepers of the peas
PUREEPulp the peas
BLONDIESANDWICHComical menu mix-up?
MASKCONFUSIONFencing equipment mix--up?
ANAGRAMLiteral mix-up
SNAFUMajor mix-up
STIRMix (up)
BRAES"... among the green ___": Burns
UPROAR"...lest there be an ___ among the people" (Matt 26:5)
HAHA"He saith among the trumpets, ___" (Job 39:25)
OBOE"High wood" you can find among the reeds
LOWLY"Life Among the ___" (Stowe subtitle)
ELIOT"Sweeney Among the Nightingales" poet
YEATS"The Wind Among the Reeds" poet
APOD"... peas in ___"
GON"What you ___ do with all that junk?" (Black Eyed Peas lyric)
OATS"___, peas, beans and barley grow" (children's song)
MONKEYBUSINESS2005 Black Eyed Peas album
ALORD"...___ among wits": S. Johnson
DOWN"A lioness: she lay ___ among lions" (Eze. 19:2)
SOUVENIRS"Among My ___" (1959 hit for Connie Francis)

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