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Crossword Answers: Mix-up-among-the-peas
PODSHUFFLEMix-up among the peas?
SHAREDivvy up among the group
SPURIOUSTurning up among ours, is unfortunately a fake (8)
PUREEPulp the peas
PODSKeepers of the peas
PODKeeper of the peas
NATIONALCountry-wide focus on a Latin mix-up (8)
MALAPROPWord mix-up
MELANGEMix up, say, underlying em dash (7)
NOMINATEMention a mix-up with name (8)
AWLCobbler's tool in legal mix-up (3)
PIECEOFADVICEIf I were you I'd start with the peas, so to speak, on the side (5,2,6)
ANAGRAMGASTEYERMix up the letters in a former "SNL" player's last name?
ODOURLESSSo - Lourdes mix-up doesn't leave a bad taste in the mouth, for one? (9)
ISRAELCountry - Iceland - has genuine internal mix-up (6)
LIONCUBSSounds like line for Cork bus mix-up? There's bound to be some pride in that potentially! (4,4)
LUNACIESClues in a mix-up leads to a number of follies? (8)
PRESUMETake it for granted that it's a supreme mix-up (7)
STPATRICKTimely subject of five mix-ups in this puzzle
BLENDERSCauses of many mix-ups?
MESSESBig mix-ups
SENNAMedicinal herb of the pea family
ANILShrub of the pea family
LUPINPlant of the pea family
ENNAComposer of "The Princess on the Pea"
CLAP"___ Your Hands" by Black Eyed Peas
SNAPSugar ___ peas (green vegetables)
DRIEDDehydrated peas taken out - dripped inside (5)
HOPPINJOHNBlack-eyed peas dish
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