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Crossword Answers: Mitsubishi-SUVs
COLTMitsubishi model
MIRAGEMitsubishi model
GALANTMitsubishi model
ECLIPSEMitsubishi model
LANCERMitsubishi model
DIAMANTEMitsubishi model
SANYOMitsubishi competitor
SONYMitsubishi competitor
RENAULTSCaptur SUVs, e.g.
ISUZUSSUVs no longer made
EVOMitsubishi Lancer model, familiarly
BLAZERSBLOWOUTPISTONSChevy SUVs suffer massive mechanical problem?
ECLIPSEELEMENTThe sun's corona, e.g.? (Mitsubishi, Honda)
YENMoney for a Mitsubishi
CORDIAMitsubishi model of the '80s
ZEROMitsubishi ___ (WWII attack plane)
MONTEROMitsubishi S.U.V.
GMCMaker of Yukon SUV's: Abbr.
MPGLow stat for most SUVs
ACURALuxury Honda brand with the MDX and RDX SUVs
XTERRASFour Wheeler's 2009 SUVs of the Year
BENGALLANCERMitsubishi with a tiger in the tank?

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