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Crossword Answers: Mild-tasting-fish
TILAPIAMild-tasting fish
FARINAWarm mild-tasting cereal
SIPIDPleasant tasting
SAPIDPleasant tasting
PALATABLEPleasant tasting
OUZOGreek liqueur tasting of aniseed
TANNATEBitter-tasting chemical salt
STILTONStrong-tasting 'king of cheeses'
WASABIStrong-tasting Japanese condiment
RHUBARBAcid-tasting fruit (7)
HONEYEDTasting rich and sweet
RETSINAOily-tasting Greek white wine (7)
MINTYTasting fresh and aromatic (5)
RADISHPlant whose pungent tasting root is eaten raw in salads (6)
CHILLISmall hot-tasting pod of a type of capsicum used for flavouring sauces (6)
CORKYSAMPLERecipient of a thumbs-down at a wine tasting?
CHAMPAGNE'Come quickly, I am tasting the stars,' Dom Perignon is quoted as saying when he discovered this dri
VINEGARSour-tasting liquid used as a condiment or preservative (7)
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