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Crossword Answers: Mild-tasting-fish
TILAPIAMild-tasting fish
FARINAWarm mild-tasting cereal
CHERRYCOLASFruity-tasting sodas
TRYONETasting invitation
ANISETTELicorice-tasting liqueur
CAMPARIBitter-tasting aperitif
MUTTONYTasting like lamb
PISTACHIOSmall sweet-tasting nut (9)
SORRELAcid-tasting salad leaf (6)
VINEGARYSour tasting (8)
ACIDDROPSharp tasting boiled sweet (4,4)
MILDNot strong tasting (4)
EGGANDSPOONRACECook nagged tasting helper from Rush - it's a real balancing act for competitive types (3,3,5,4)
DANISH-- blue, strong-tasting cheese (6)
PASTRAMIHighly seasoned meat comes from pa's top-tasting ram, I conclude (8)
CREMEDESweet mint-tasting liqueur available in green or white, ... menthe (5,2)
FENNELAniseed-tasting herb - it's also an ingredient in absinthe
EDENNot the best place for apple-tasting?

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