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Crossword Answers: Mild-tasting-fish
TILAPIAMild-tasting fish
CURRYHot-tasting Indian dish
ASTISparkling wine found in tasting
WINEBARVenue for a tasting
DRIERLess sweet, at a wine tasting
MUSTARDHot-tasting seed (7)
TANGTasting exteriors with sharp flavour (4)
GAMEYTasting like wild meat
SLOESharp-tasting fruit
ACIDYTasting sharp
SPITTOONWine-tasting accessory
NOSEWine tasting criterion
PIQUANTAgreeably sharp-tasting
CAROBSweet-tasting pod also called Saint John's bread which is used as a chocolate substitute (there is n
GINGERHot-tasting spice used in kimchi or beni shoga
SIMPLESIMONWANTED: Dimwitted loiterer, for pie-tasting without intent to buy
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