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Crossword Answers: Mild-tasting-fish
TILAPIAMild-tasting fish
PRECIPITATION(n.) overeagerness at a wine-tasting
TANNICAstringent-tasting, wine-wise
ENDIVEBitter-tasting salad ingredient
JOVE"By ___!" (mild oath)
OATH"Drat!" is a mild one
SAKES"___ alive" (mild exclamation)
KENT'Mild-mannered reporter' for the Daily Planet
ABSIT--- omen (mild invocation)
TAMEChange from wild to mild
MARLBOROSCigarettes once pitched as "Mild as May"
MYEYEExpression of mild disagreement
GEEExpression of mild surprise
CHIDEDGave a mild scolding to
ALORSHalf of a mild French exclamation
SALSAIt may be hot or mild
EDAMIt's mild and a bit nutty
CLAROLight-colored and mild, said of cigars
KLINE"A Fish Called Wanda" Oscar-winner
KEVINKLINE"A Fish Called Wanda" Oscar-winner
CLEESE"A Fish Called Wanda" star
NOR"... fish ___ fowl"
SEA"...and have dominion over the fish of the ___"(Gen 1:28)
CURTIS"A Fish Called Wanda" actress
WANDA"A Fish Called ___"

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