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Crossword Answers: Middle-of-a-simile
ASAMiddle of a simile
ASANMiddle of a simile
ASREDStart of a simile about color
POTMoney in the middle of a poker table
ONAIRIn the middle of a broadcast
NAVEMiddle of a church
MLIMiddle of a medieval century
OWLMiddle of a three-part illustrated maxim
THORAXMiddle of a bee, for example (6)
ATSEAIn the middle of a voyage
TOMSMiddle of a Stowe title
MAYTHESIXTEENTHMiddle of a certain month
BORNTORULEWHILEMiddle of a woman-approved quip
CENTRALIt's in the middle of a Grand Station
EYELook at the middle of a cyclone (3)
NETIt's in the middle of a tennis court
SPREADPair of facing pages in the middle of a magazine (6,6)
CENTREPair of facing pages in the middle of a magazine (6,6)
SWEETSPOTThe predictably responsive area in the middle of a tennis racquet (5,4)
DIRECTORYCatalogue page replacing the middle of a journal (9)
OMOOBook that begins "It was the middle of a bright tropical afternoon that we made good our escape from
ABSENTEEMissing person dispatched in the middle of a competition (8)
ALASIn the middle of a funeral, a sudden cry of grief (4)
CORPSEDead body found right in the middle of a small wood
AMIDIn the middle of a dream I dozed a little
UNRAVELSort out the middle of a tune with the composer (7)
HUBCAPCover for centre of a car's wheel (6)
RADIIStraight lines from centre of a circle (5)
BULLCentre of a target (4)
URANUSPlanet seen as the centre of a mural at sunrise
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