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Crossword Answers: Middle-of-a-simile
ASAMiddle of a simile
ASANMiddle of a simile
ASREDStart of a simile about color
TOMSMiddle of a Stowe title
MAYTHESIXTEENTHMiddle of a certain month
BORNTORULEWHILEMiddle of a woman-approved quip
CENTRALIt's in the middle of a Grand Station
EYELook at the middle of a cyclone (3)
NETIt's in the middle of a tennis court
RADIIThey meet in the middle of a circle
HUBMiddle of a wheel
SPORTYOULEARNINMiddle of a daffy definition
BRIDGESINMiddle of a watery pun
HOLEMiddle of a doughnut
ONAPARKWAYANDMiddle of a thought-provoking quip
ISNOTAGUARANTEEMiddle of a historic quip
ANDDONEMOREMiddle of a verbal quip
TOMENEEDSTOHAVEMiddle of a psychologist's statement
BULLICHARGEMiddle of a buyer's quip
SINCEYOUHAVETHEMiddle of a warm weather pun
JAILEDIn the middle of a sentence
AMIDIn the middle of a dream I dozed a little
UNRAVELSort out the middle of a tune with the composer (7)
VAPOURRising mist undervalued in the middle of a river next to old city (6)
CAESURAA pause in the middle of a verse line (7)
AMIDSTIn the middle of a backward dull road (6)
BULLCentre of a target (4)
DIAMETERLine through the center of a circle
MIDRIBVein in the center of a leaf
IEREICenter of a well-known palindrome
YELLOWPAGESTURNCenter of a question concerning aging
STARSymbol in the center of a Scrabble board
VARNISHDisappear right in the centre of a glossy coat
FILAMENTWhat is the name of the thin wire found in the centre of a traditional light bulb? (8)
IAN___ Beale, has been at the centre of a long-running murder mystery in EastEnders (3)
ALICIA__ Metcalfe, Emmerdale character at the centre of a shocking new storyline (6)
CALGARYCity in Alberta, Canada; centre of a large agricultural region (7)
ISOMERLooking back, it's about most unfinished chemistry at the centre of a couple of compounds (6)
NDOLACity in N Zambia; centre of a rich copper-mining area (5)
EGERTourist city in NE Hungary at the centre of a wine-producing region (4)
LANECLOSEDRoad sign at the center of a 2013 Chris Christie scandal
PINETARSticky stuff at the center of a 1983 George Brett baseball "incident"
HENSTEETHRare things, in a simile
SAFIREAuthor of "Let a Simile Be Your Umbrella"
IERE"Able was ___..." (middle of a palindrome)
OREOA kid'll eat the middle of it first
AITCHCharacter in the middle of nowhere?
SAWITOUTDidn't quit in the middle of a job
TBONE"Dead ___ in the middle of the road" lyric
ABEAMAt right angles to the middle of a ship's length
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