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Crossword Answers: Middle-of-a-simile
ASANMiddle of a simile
ASAMiddle of a simile
ASREDStart of a simile about color
IERE"Able was ___..." (middle of a palindrome)
ABEAMAt right angles to the middle of a ship's length
SAWITOUTDidn't quit in the middle of a job
RESIn medias ___ (in the middle of a plot)
HALFMOONIt's seen in the middle of a quarter
EYEFLASHESLightning in the middle of a hurricane?
ISAWMiddle of a Caesar boast
VIDIMiddle of a Caesarean boast
DABBAMiddle of a Fred Flintstone shout
AMASMiddle of a Latin trio
SAFIREAuthor of "Let a Simile Be Your Umbrella"
HENSTEETHRare things, in a simile
OREO"...a kid'll eat the middle of an ___ first"
TBONE"Dead ___ in the middle of the road" lyric
AITCHCharacter in the middle of nowhere?
THUDDull sound coming from middle of short huddle
SARGASSOSEAElongated region in the middle of the North Atlantic
STEERA"...and cannot ___ middle course": Massinger
OMANSHARIF"Funny Girl" actor in the Middle East?
GERITOL"Iron is its middle name" sloganeer
INTHE"Malcolm ___ Middle" (hit Fox show)
ERIK"Malcolm in the Middle" actor ___ Per Sullivan
REESE"Malcolm in the Middle" brother

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