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Crossword Answers: Mexico's-second-largest-state
SONORAMexico's second largest state
TEXASSecond-largest state
ABULargest state in the United Arab Emirates, ... Dhabi
ALASKAUSA's largest state (6)
FLAFourth-largest state in population: Abbr.
NEVADASeventh-largest state
MONTANAFourth largest state
JUNEAUAmerica's largest state capital, in terms of area
AIMSATSATURNPoints a telescope in the direction of the second-largest planet?
TAMILSecond-largest Sri Lankan ethnicity
BRNOCzech Republic's second-largest city
MONTREALCanada's second-largest city (8)
YELLSecond largest of the Shetland Islands after Mainland (4)
YOKOHAMASecond largest city in Japan
PONCECaribbean port; second largest city on the island of Puerto Rico (5)
MAMASecond largest of the Three Bears
MADREMexico's Sierra ___
LASMexico's ___ Cruces
ARIDLike New Mexico's climate, largely
OROMexico's gold
VILLAMexico's Pancho ...
EAGLEFigure on Mexico's flag
NUEVA"___ Espana" (Mexico's former name)
USAMexico's northern neighbour (1,1,1)
HEADWith 2D, a Hollywood designer
EVEShe went along 6th, 2d and 3d Avenues
IONIANPertaining to settlers of certain Aegean islands in the 2d millennium B.C.

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