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Crossword Answers: Mexico's-second-largest-state
SONORAMexico's second largest state
TEXASSecond-largest state
SARAWAKLocated on Borneo this is Malaysia's largest state
AMAZONASLargest state of Brazil
ALASKAUSA's largest state (6)
FLAFourth-largest state in population: Abbr.
NEVADASeventh-largest state
MONTANAFourth largest state
JUNEAUAmerica's largest state capital, in terms of area
ANKARATurkey's second-largest city
COSTCOWorld's second-largest retailer
OBERONSecond-largest moon of Uranus
ONTARIOProvince of Canada, second largest after Quebec (7)
NASHUASecond largest city in New Hampshire, US (6)
OSLOScandinavia's second largest city
ABULargest state in the United Arab Emirates, ... Dhabi
CANADA2nd largest country
AFR2nd-largest continent
MAUI2nd largest Hawaiian island
ROTTERDAM2nd-largest city in the Netherlands (9)
EMU2nd largest bird in the world
SATURN2nd largest planet
EMUS2nd largest birds
HURON2nd largest Great Lake
SANTA___ Fe (New Mexico's capital)
PESOMexico's currency
MANAMexico's "Labios Compartidos" band
TAOSNew Mexico's ___ Ski Valley
NUEVOMexico's ___ Laredo
UFOSNew Mexico's Roswell is famous for an incident in 1947 involving these 'flying saucers' (1,1,2)
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