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Crossword Answers: Memorize-lines-for-a-Shakespearean-king
LEARNLEARMemorize lines for a Shakespearean king?
TOUCHSTONEThe criterion for a Shakespearean character (10)
OBERONMoon of Uranus named for a Shakespearean character
PREHISTORYHipster composed no lines for a time before writing (10)
ODELines for a hero
SONNETLines for a child rising ten
HEMSLines for A-line skirts
SCRIPTLines for a movie
CREASEStop crossing right line for a batsman (6)
NOOSEEnd of the line for a criminal?
HOPINLine for a would-be passenger
PRANKParking on line for a bit of fun (5)
ALIENA new line for a foreigner
LIBERTINEI follow Bert in line for a rake
LYRICSingle line for a singer
PAYOFFPunch line, for a comic
QUEUEWait in line for a hair style
BEEKind of line for a buzzer (3)
NETINCOMEBottom line for a business
YIELDCURVELine for a bond analyst
LEGALCONTENDERLawyer in line for a title shot?
DOMINOOne in line for a fall
HEIRNext in line for a title
SEAMLine for a sewer?
ALONSOShakespearean king
DUNCANShakespearean king
HENRYShakespearean king
LEARNGet to know Shakespearean king never ever went astray (5)
LEATHERShakespearean king gets hold of the jacket perhaps
DRUNKENDUNCANShakespearean king after a night on the town?
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