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Crossword Answers: Memorize-lines-for-a-Shakespearean-king
LEARNLEARMemorize lines for a Shakespearean king?
OBERONMoon of Uranus named for a Shakespearean character
SCRIPTLines for a movie
HEMSLines for A-line skirts
HENRYShakespearean king
DUNCANShakespearean king
EEGHead lines, for short?
EEGSHead lines, for short?
AMOUNTSBottom lines for C.P.A.'s
STAFFLines for notes
TRAGEDIANMany a Shakespearean actor
SMALLARDENMiniature version of a Shakespearean forest
ANTONYName in a Shakespearean title
IAGOSNamesakes of a Shakespearean villain
ELSINORENile rose in a Shakespearean setting
TIMESTABLEArithmetic to memorize
ROTELearn by ___ (memorize)
ICANMOVEAROUND"At United Van Lines because ___"
NASH"Hard Lines" poet
KEATS"Lines on the Mermaid Tavern" poet
ESPN"Outside the Lines" airer
KERR"The Snake Has All the Lines" playwright Jean

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