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Crossword Answers: Memorize-lines-for-a-Shakespearean-king
LEARNLEARMemorize lines for a Shakespearean king?
OBERONMoon of Uranus named for a Shakespearean character
HEMSLines for A-line skirts
SCRIPTLines for a movie
QUEUEWait in line for a hair style
BEEKind of line for a buzzer (3)
NETINCOMEBottom line for a business
YIELDCURVELine for a bond analyst
LEGALCONTENDERLawyer in line for a title shot?
DOMINOOne in line for a fall
HEIRNext in line for a title
SEAMLine for a sewer?
LEASHLine for a boxer
CHORUSLine for a Broadway show?
ALONSOShakespearean king
DUNCANShakespearean king
HENRYShakespearean king
DRUNKENDUNCANShakespearean king after a night on the town?
PRATTLERInformer in Point meets Shakespearean king missing a chatterbox (8)
FORREALGenuine for Shakespearean king to make comeback (3,4)
CLEARObvious about Shakespearean king (5)
MALLOld woman leading lines for the shops (4)
SELLERVisionary conceals couple of lines for merchant (6)
AMTSStatement lines, for short
RULERIt makes lines for the king (5)
SCENEVPart of many a Shakespearean act
HARDANDFASTInflexible guide-lines for reigns that are rigorous but short-lived (4,3,4,5)
COSMETICSURGERYIrons out some people's lines for those losing face in the theatre (8,7)
THRALLTurns up high in craft with couple of lines for slave(6)
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