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Crossword Answers: Maui-tourist-town
LAHAINAMaui tourist town
HAOLEMaui tourist, usually
IAO___ Valley, Maui tourist attraction
TAOSNew Mexico tourist town
CARLSBADNew Mexico tourist town
ATRIAbruzzi tourist town
SEDONAArizona tourist town
BROOMEAustralian tourist town
MYSTICConnecticut tourist town
EDAMDutch tourist town
AGRAIndian tourist town
HERSHEYPennsylvania tourist town
SANTAFESouthwest tourist town
AVILASpanish tourist town
ASSISITourist town of the Apennines
SIENATuscan tourist town
HANA"I survived the road to ___" (Maui tee shirt)
NUI"Mahalo ___ loa" ("Thank you very much," in Maui)
NENESAvians of Maui
HULASDances on Maui
LEIDeplaning gift in Maui
EASTFrom Lanai to Maui, e.g.
LANAIHawaiian island west of Maui
IOOOOFEETHighest point on Maui
KAHOOLAWEIsland south of Maui
MOLOKAIIt's across the Pailolo Channel from Maui
UKEIt's strummed in Maui
TYLER"The Accidental Tourist" author
ANNETYLER"The Accidental Tourist" author
ANNE"The Accidental Tourist" author Tyler
HURT"The Accidental Tourist" star
GRANDCANYON1991 ensemble film named for an Arizona tourist spot
SCAMA tourist might fall for one
STOWAWAYAccidental tourist?
SEEALLTHESIGHTSAct like a tourist
DONOTPASSCONGOAdvice to an Ebola-fearing tourist?
HOSTELTAKEOVERAlpine tourist invasion?
PAINTEDDESERTArizona tourist attraction

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