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Crossword Answers: Mathematics-branch-associated-with-fractals
COMPLEXANALYSISMathematics branch associated with fractals
PLANEGEOMETRYMathematics branch
RMNInitials associated with Watergate
TORTOISESLand-dwelling reptiles associated with the Galapagos Islands
GILLINGHAMTown in Kent on the River Medway associated with Chatham Dockyard (10)
XMASHoliday associated with 44-Downs, in brief
DELFTTown in the SW Netherlands associated with a type of tin-glazed earthenware (5)
KIRSCHBrandy distilled from cherries associated with the Black Forest region of Germany (6)
NOTTINGHAMCity on the River Trent associated with the hosiery industry (10)
EASTENDPart of London associated with Jack the Ripper and the Kray twins (4,3)
MOCCASINSSoft leather shoes associated with Native Americans
GONDOLABoat associated with Venice (7)
RAVENSBirds associated with the Tower of London (6)
EINDHOVENCity in North Brabant, Netherlands associated with the radio and electrical industry (9)
RODEntertainer associated with the puppet Emu who died in 1999 (3,4)
AYLESBURYCounty town of Buckinghamshire associated with a breed of duck (9)
PRIORPrevious rip-off associated with gold (5)
BERTRANDBritish philosopher whose books include Principles of Mathematics (8,7)
ACUTEIn mathematics, an angle of less than 90º (5)
COSFunction of mathematics: Abbr.
FIELDSMEDALSQuadrennial mathematics awards
LOGARITHMMathematics function
CALCULISome branches of mathematics
ANDSLogical conjunctions, in mathematics
ISTOWords represented by a colon, in mathematics
CHAOSIt has fractal underpinnings
ZOOM1992 Brian Eno album "Fractal ___"

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