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Crossword Answers: Mathematics-branch-associated-with-fractals
COMPLEXANALYSISMathematics branch associated with fractals
PLANEGEOMETRYMathematics branch
DRAGONCreature associated with the year 2000 in the Chinese calendar (6)
OLIVERNORTHUS Marine lieutenant colonel associated with the Irangate scandal (6,5)
ORLEANSCity associated with Joan of Arc
BLUEMOUNTAINSMountain range in Jamaica associated with a type of coffee (4,9)
KNOTTYASHSuburb of Liverpool associated with the comedian Ken Dodd (6,3)
CARPIBones one associated with fish
SCOTTIESNovelist that is associated with small dogs
MARDIGRASFestival of Shrove Tuesday associated with New Orleans, US (5,4)
FARINABattista, Italian car designer associated with classic designs for Ferrari, etc. (6)
VIRGOZodiac sign associated with perfectionism
HASSLEPain in the neck has initially symptoms associated with central skeleton (6)
CREMONAItalian city on the Po formerly associated with violin manufacture (7)
JAMESJOYCEPreserves include the last of the orange - it's a source of pleasure to Clare writer associated with
STRAIGHTNot the sort of conversation associated with crooks (8,4)
TURTLEAmbition, distraction, uglification and derision were the branches of mathematics studied by the Moc
PRINCETONInstitution at which this puzzle's honoree earned a Ph.D. in mathematics
CALCULUSA branch of mathematics (8)
TRIGONOMETRYBranch of mathematics (12)
BERTRANDBritish philosopher whose books include Principles of Mathematics (8,7)
COSFunction of mathematics: Abbr.
FIELDSMEDALSQuadrennial mathematics awards
PINSThings associated with 18-, 26-, 47- and 61-Across
GOLDENROD*Flower mistakenly associated with many allergies
HICKOK1800s marshal associated with poker's "dead man's hand"
OHSUSANNA1847 Stephen Foster song often associated with the Gold Rush

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