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Crossword Answers: Mathematics-branch-associated-with-fractals
COMPLEXANALYSISMathematics branch associated with fractals
PLANEGEOMETRYMathematics branch
MOONBody associated with Phoebe
APPEASEVerb associated with Neville Chamberlain
IETZSCHEPhilosopher associated with the "will to power"
HAYSName associated with film censorship
SYNAGOGALAssociated with a shul
SWORDWeapon associated with Damocles
MCGILLDonald, English cartoonist associated with the seaside postcard (6)
TILBURGUniversity city in North Brabant, Netherlands formerly associated with the woollen industry (7)
GALLEONBitterness associated with an age old craft
PRESENTSPuts on shows associated with Christmas
FENCERBarrier to ending despair for one of those associated with Swords (6)
BEAGLEHMS _________, survey ship associated with Charles Darwin (6)
CURTAINCALLSThey're for actors associated with Rear Window perhaps, Scream and Last Vegas (7,5)
TAHITIPacific island associated with Gauguin (6)
AIRTIGHTBeyond question, tune associated with local drunk (8)
PRINCETONInstitution at which this puzzle's honoree earned a Ph.D. in mathematics
CALCULUSA branch of mathematics (8)
GEOMETRYMathematics of shapes and lines (8)
TRIGONOMETRYBranch of mathematics (12)
BERTRANDBritish philosopher whose books include Principles of Mathematics (8,7)
ACUTEIn mathematics, an angle of less than 90º (5)
COSFunction of mathematics: Abbr.
FIELDSMEDALSQuadrennial mathematics awards
USN"Anchors Aweigh" branch: Abbr.
WACO"Armageddon in ___: Critical Perspectives on the Branch Davidian Conflict"
USCG"Fifth branch" of the armed forces: abbr.

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