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Crossword Answers: Marriott-alternative
RAMADAMarriott alternative
HYATTMarriott alternative
OMNIMarriott alternative
HILTONSMarriott alternatives
HOTELCHAINMarriott, for one
HOTELMarriott, for one
HOTELCHAINSMarriott and Hyatt, for example
MBAOffering at Brigham Young's Marriott
RITZ___-Carlton (Marriott subsidiary)
MORMONOrrin Hatch or J. Willard Marriott
BREAKFASTBUFFETMorning fare at the Marriott
SHERATONMarriott competitor
REITHost Marriott, for one
EVAN"Joe Millionaire" Marriott
INNResidence ___ (hotel chain owned by Marriott)
ETAGERESCurio cabinet alternatives
SAILSEngine alternatives for boats
TEMPURASTeriyaki alternatives
PACSAlternatives to moccasins
LEAVENOCHOICEGo away without alternatives (5,2,6)
POOLSBeach alternatives
PITAPOCKETSFashionable sandwich alternatives?
CIRCUITBREAKERSFuse box alternatives
MICEANDMEN25's alternatives, frequently bad planners (4,3,3)
LANDORPoet left with two alternatives (6)
TOBEOne of Hamlet's alternatives (2,2)
AMASGrammy alternatives voted on by the public, for short
WILDLYIgnoring the alternatives, whirls Dolly with exuberance (6)
NEITHERExclusion of alternatives for those who have done it here (7)
WHETHERArouse the woman with this introduction to alternatives (7)
PORTWhat's left as alternatives for Parliament's most extreme character (4)

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