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Crossword Answers: Mama-bears,-in-Barcelona
OSASMama bears, in Barcelona
OSOSBears, in Barcelona
OSAFemale bear, in Barcelona
OSOBear in Barcelona
BULLMARKETSomething you won't see many bears in
NANOOKMaster of the bears in Inuit mythology
UCALThe Golden Bears, in brief
URSAEBears in the air?
PADREFather, in Barcelona
ANOSA long time in Barcelona
SRTASMlles. in Barcelona
BLOCFederation has no arena in Barcelona (4)
CAVADrunk in Barcelona produces coq au vin adroitly, for starters (4)
PAELLAFriend rings Oriental American city from kitchen in Barcelona (6)
GAUDIAntonio ___, Spanish architect famous for his designs for the church of the Holy Family in Barcelona
SENIORAddress in Barcelona houses institute for one of the older guys (6)
DIABOLOGod! The Irish lawyer got nothing from devil in Barcelona (7)
ADIOSAMIGOSo, development agency comes back to Spanish friend to say goodbye in Barcelona (5,5)
SOWMama bear, for example
BAREExposed bear, in a manner of speaking (4)
HOLDBear in container (4)
YOGIBear in Jellystone Park
KLONDIKEBARTreat with a polar bear in its logo
STEARNSHe partnered with Bear in 1923
IBERIANI translate bear in Spanish and Portuguese
NEDActor Beatty who voiced Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear in "Toy Story 3"
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